250 Flag Football Plays eBook Top 5×5 Flag Plays

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My upcoming 250 Flag Football Plays eBook is now in final draft version. I will be editing this offensive flag plays eBook next week and the final version will be out by next Friday, March 10th. This 5×5 flag football ebook has all my top 5v5 Flag Plays for Youth Football teams for ages 5 to 14. Get yours today. Buy now for $9.99. When you guy this final draft version you will receive a final version when it is released and any future updates through version 2.

This new offensive Flag football plays eBook is dedicated to my undefeated 2005 YMCA Arvada Bulldogs Flag Football team. The 7/8u 2005 Bulldogs team went 8-0, with 40 touchdowns and 0 points allowed.  What a great season and team. Go Bulldogs!

250 Flag Football Plays eBook – V1 Now Out

Check out my new 5 on5 Flag football plays pdf ebook. Over 200 easy and elite offensive flag plays. Click here for more info and a Look Inside. These plays are some of my favorite flag football plays. Buy Now!!

My new 5×5 flag football plays pdf ebook is a great idea book to generate your own flag football playbook. Or just use the good flag plays from the ebook. You can choose. Mix and match. There are 15 flag football formations and over 250 plays from easy flag football plays to sophisticated plays.

These 5v5 flag football plays generally follow the USA Football and NFL Flag rules. Check your youth flag football league’s rules for more info on play eligibility; QB Runs, pitching and lateral plays.

I do breakdown the 250 plays into a Base 8, Sweet 16, Core 24 and Best of the Rest 36 to narrow down some of the top flag plays in the eBook. Many people ask about how many flag football plays is normal. Depending on age, experience and football IQ I will use 8 to 36 plays.

Flag Football Plays 5×5 – The Formations

  • Spread 1×1
  • Empty Spread
  • Spread Trips
  • Bunch
  • Beast and Worm
  • Fat Formation
  • Power I Formation
  • Diamond Trig Formation
  • Wing T / Split Backfield
  • Box Formation
  • Single Wing / Space Formations
  • Tiger T Formation
  • Toro Formation

5×5 Flag Football Plays

Here is an example from the Base 8 plays, a Flag Football Spread Sweep Run Play by the Tailback. The Base 8 plays are using a simple flag football formation (1×1 Spread with RB) and are easy flag plays to learn.

This is a Twins Flood Motion Swing Screen Pass play for the Sweet 16 flag football plays. The Sweet 16 plays are good flag football plays and are simple but not as easy as the Base 8. The Sweet 16 mostly adds motion to the formation / plays which increasing complexity and effectiveness.

Here is an example of a Spread Y Cross Flag Pass Play from the Sweet 16 Plays. The Back will motion away from the Y cross route. Motion is great eye candy for young inexperienced defenses. The motion should also tell you man vs Zone coverage.

This is a Spread Trips Slant Wheel concept play from the Core 24 plays from the 5×5 flag plays ebook. The Core 24 plays increases the complexity from the Sweet 16 plays. These plays are more focused on passing using crossing routes, screens and deep thrown balls.

This Wingback Spread Twins Double Reverse Play is from Best of the Rest 36 plays. These Best of the Rest plays are some of the more unstoppable flag football plays and for more experienced teams. Here more formations are involved to see how the defense will react to differing formations.

Do you coach flag football? What are your favorite flag football plays for 5×5 youth football flag teams? What 5×5 flag youth football offense formations do you use as your base little league football offense?

Please leave me a comment below or contact me anytime. I love talking youth football and 5×5 flag football plays and formations for youth football. If you are looking for 7 on 7 football plays, please check out my Wolfpack 7on7 plays ebook.

Remember to Play for Fun and Winning is Funner!
Coach Parker
Fort Worth, Texas

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