3 Double Wing Pass Plays for Youth Football / Coaching Youth Football Offense

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Double Wing Pass Plays 3 Free

Here are 3 Double Wing Pass Plays for coaching youth football offense from my Double Wing Selected Youth Football plays eBook. Two of these DW pass plays made my Base 8 Double Wing plays. The third DW formation pass play uses a split end and little deceptive motion to spring the FB on a nice Hook route.

Double Wing Pass Plays

Double Wing Double Tight Pop Pass Play

The Double Wing Pop pass is one of the best Double Wing pass play in youth football in my opinion. It has made my Top Ten Best Youth Football plays many times. The Wingback goes in motion and the TE away from the motion runs a quick route. We may send the other TE or Wingback as decoys but we are really trying to hit the backside TE. QB will make a quick jab head fake to the motioning WB then throw the football off second step. QB should not drop back. It is a quick pass.

Double Wing Double Tight Crossing Pass Play

This is another of my favorite Double Wing Pass plays in youth football. This DW crossing route pass play combo I call TD1. I run the TD1 route combo with almost every formation I run. It is that effective. The inside receiver will run a route to the first down marker and the outside receiver will run a seam or fade to the end zone; Thus first down or touch down – TD1. On this play the WB in motion is also set up for a screen.

Double Wing Pass Play FB Hook

I love sneaking running backs out of the backfield for pass plays. This Double Wing Pass Play is a fun one. The Wingback uses a reverse motion or yoyo motion to come back to block the DE and the FB fakes the block and leaks out into the the flat on a Hook route. QB has the option to run, throw to the FB or maybe hit Y over the middle. But, we are really trying to get the football to the Fullback since we are clearing with Y.

What are your favorite Double Wing Pass Plays for youth football?  Did my DW pass plays match yours?

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