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youth football practice plans 8u

Here is a video on Youth Football Practice Plans; more specifically of an 8u Practice Plan Template in Word that is over at my private youth football coaching Facebook group. These 2 hour football practice plans are actual practice plans I used with one of my 7u / 8u pee wee teams a few years back.

Below is the youth football coaching video on my 8U youth football practice plans. This video reviews the first 6 practices, practice before 1st few games plan, pre-scrimmage practice & pre-game practice, and a post game practice.

Youth Football Practice Plans

First 2 practice examples of 8U practice plans for football. These are mostly introduction to tackle football practices. In the second practice check all the equipment closely since the 3rd practice will be mostly hitting.

Practice Planning

  • Practice – Learn Names, Intro Off/ Check Equipment / Skills Day
  • 2nd Practice – Intro Tackling, Blocking, Offense, Defense / Check equip
  • 3rd Practice – Check Equip / Learn to Block & Tackle – Hitting Practice
  • 4th Practice – Begin Off / Def Installs / Drills
  • 5th Practice – Standard Practice Routine Break Outs / Drills
  • 6th Practice – Adding to Standard Routine / Installs
  • Prep Scrimmage – Practice
  • Prep Game – Pre Game Practice
  • Post Game – Practices focus on weak issues / keep installing

Practice Drills

Do plan your youth football practices? Do you send the other coaches your practice plans for they can plan their schedule? Do you like planning practices for youth football? Let me know.

Please leave me a comment below or contact me anytime. I love talking youth football and practice planning for youth football and of course the Power Wing Beast Offense playbook. I just finished an eBook on the Pistol Formation.

Remember to Play for Fun and Winning is Funner!
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Pistol Plays eBook just added.

PS: Stay Safe!!