What Happens When They Stop the Beast Power Play? #1 Easy Don’t Run Power

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What Happens When They Stop the Beast Power Play? This question was asked by another coach on the Facebook Single Wing forum. I thought about it a few days and thought I would try to answer his question. Like the traditional Pop Warner Unbalanced Single Wing, the Beast Yale Single Wing seems to be shrouded in mystery. Or rather just misunderstood and or not taken seriously. I find it very interesting that many SW coaches are not fond of the Beast formation. The Beast formation seems to be an easy SW package to add to the traditional base Single Wing Formation much like adding in the Double Wing.

A big difference in my Beast Offense is that I run the Power Wing Beast Offense (PWBO) not just the Yale Single Wing or Beast tight formation. I run multiple variations of the Yale Single Wing vs just the tight Yale Single Wing. Watch the What Happens When They Stop the Beast Power Play? video or read more below.

What Happens When They Stop the Beast Power Play?

Easy Run Another Play, When they Stop Beast Power Play

Run to the Green when they stop the Beast Power play. So many other play opportunities. I think many non Beast coaches think they Beast Power Play is our only Play in our playbook.

Run to the Green
  1. Run Beast Sweep
    • So Long Sweep
  2. Run Beast Counters / Beast Reverses
    • Crazy Heifer / Texas Counter / Corky
  3. Run Beast Wedge
    • Wild Weasel / Honey Badger
  4. Run Beast Boot Options
    • Baton / Dragon
  5. Run Beast Pass Plays
    • Popeye / Cyclops / Zipper
  6. Widen Formation / Adjust
    • Worm / Jumbo / Fat Cake Box / Double Wing Speed

Power Wing Beast Offense vs Yale Single Wing

The Power Wing Beast Offense is a Multiple Formation Offense rather than just the one Beast Tight Yale Single Wing formation. You can see below, my Beast Offense includes Beast Tight, Beast Wide and Beast Spread along with the Beast Fat Cake formation which is a two back Beast formation hybrid of ND Box, SW and Yale SW. Plus the PWBO has the Double Wing, Power I, Off-Set I and a Diamond T formation which was my Middle Beast from many moons ago.

I’ll be honest, if a team stops our Beast Tank Power play and Wedge and we cannot run our Beast Tight and Beast Wide Worm plays, it is probably going to be a long day. Over 25 plus Power Wing Beast Offense seasons, we can score with Beast Tight formation almost every game. Especially when we add and or adjust to Beast Fat Cake and run a tad more misdirection. But again, I can count on one hand how many times a team has totally stop my Beast Power Play and Wedge combo. Not many times have I been stopped in 25 Beast seasons.

The Power Wing Beast Offense is much more than the Yale Single Wing. There are 6 core formations we run.

Power Wing Beast Formations / Offense

  1. Tight, Wide Worm, Double Wide Spread Jumbo Trips
  2. Beast Fat Cake Box (Single Wing ND Box)
  3. Double Wing – Speed
  4. Off-Set I – Angle
  5. Diamond T – Trig
  6. Power I – Pie

For more on how you can take advantage of a Defense trying to sell out to stop Beast Power Play watch the video below.

Beast Tank Power Play Deep Dive Video

Free Beast Formations & Plays PDF

For a complete FREE Beast Formations pdf check out my updated presentation. Or you can purchase my Power Wing Beast Offense Playbook for Youth Football below and see all my key Beast Offense plays like the Beast Base 8.

Have you run the Beast power play before? Did a Defense stop the play? Have you had success with any other Beast plays? Please leave me a comment below or contact me anytime.

Remember to Play for Fun and Winning is Funner!
Coach Parker
Fort Worth, Texas

PS: Stay Safe!!

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