Drawing Football Plays Perfect 1 Play Against Multiple Defense Templates

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drawing football plays

I just happened upon drawing football plays against multiple Defense templates about a year ago as I was writing all my Selected Youth Football Plays series eBooks.

I found that drawing football plays against multiple Defenses was a great way to perfect each play for many different situations.

Coaches were requesting plays against multiple youth football defenses and I did not want to draw out each defense for each play. One of my top social media followers ask about my 7on7 playbook against a few different defenses and I sent him an update and he liked it, so now I am using these Defensive templates extensively now. Why not before who knows because it is really cool to quickly change Defenses against a Offensive play.

This is the 5th video on my How to Draw Football Plays and Create a Playbook using PowerPoint app.

Drawing Football Plays – 1 Play vs Defenses

In this drawing football plays tutorial I will show you how to use the Master Slide templates to set up Multiple Defenses against 1 Offensive play.

Drawing Play Tutorial Outline

  • I Wing Play – TB 25 Lead Wham Dive no Defense
  • 53 Defense – on PowerPoint Slide
  • 53 – Defense Master Template
  • 62WT Defense – Master Template
  • 4-4 Defense – Master Template
  • How to Change Defense in Layouts for each play
  • Change and Copy Plays – Master Templates

Draw Football Plays Video Series

I hope you enjoyed the Drawing Football Plays Blog post and Video in PowerPoint to Create Youth Football Playbook post. Stay tuned for Part 5 soon. We will discuss how to set up a Master Template.

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Next Time – Drawing Plays and Playbook

We may go over creating a Master Field template or reviewing PowerPoint Slide layouts and creating a playbook outline. What would you like to see?

Please leave me a comment below or contact me anytime. I love talking youth football. Also if you want more drawing videos on how to draw football plays please let me know. Thanks

Remember to Play for Fun and Winning is Funner!
Coach Parker
Fort Worth, Texas

PS: Stay Safe!!