Beast Formations 6 Original Proven 1994 Top Youth Formations

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Beast Tight BUC

These Beast Formations, my 6 Original Beast Formations from 1994 are some of my proven top youth formations that I still use today in 2022. I cannot believe it has been 25 years of Beast Love and still strong as the first time I ran it. Last Saturday I was watching a Spring football game that my Co-Head Coach is coaching this Spring, and I said to a friend he needs to call a Worm Sweep and the next play, Beast Wide Worm Sweep for a Touchdown. So pretty and Satisfying.

Beast Formations

beast formations
Main Beast Formations 1994

I was playing around with Playmaker software back in 1994 and came across the Original Loud Rowdy Monkey Beast and then Spread it out into the Wide Worm, Double Wide Jumbo, Middle Monkey and then Fat Box Cake and 2×2 BUC Box evolved from Monkey later in 2006ish with my oldest son’s 8u Arvada Pirate team. These became my original 6 Beast Formations.

Around that same time 2008ish or so, I read internet articles from Coach Huey and Coach Gregory on this Beast Formation which looked closely to the Loud Rowdy Money. And now I had a name, Beast. Everyone was calling the Yale Single Wing Formation; Beast. This Tight Loud Rowdy Formation turned into the Beast since I now had a name to communicate my Beast formations and its many variations in my Power Wing Beast Play series.

Update 7/1/2022 – I do want to highlight two other “Beast” coaches that I later found out were developing their own versions of the Yale Single Wing around the same time I was too in the 1990s. Coach Steve Calande popularized the YSW at the HS level and coined the name “BEAST” for the modern era name for the Yale Single Wing formation. Coach Bruce Eien was also developing the Double Fat formation which is a more balanced Yale Singe Wing attack. Both of these great coaches can be found on Twitter. They also have Yale Single Wing “Beast” Books if you are looking for more info on the Beast formation.

Beast Formations 6 Original Video

At the time, I think I was the only Coach that was using multiple Beast Formations; Worm, Jumbo, Middle, Fat Box Cake and the 2×1 Buc Box. This Beast series of plays was original to my PWBO youth playbook. I would see coaches using the Beast Tight the original Yale Single Wing formation, sometimes, I would see the Worm and or the Jumbo Spread but never did I see a complete system like I was running. If you were running a Beast system like me back in the day, leave me a comment below.

I started writing about the Beast Formations and plays in 2008 when I started my blog. Many many youth football coaches have heard about the Beast from my blog, social media and YouTube videos. I was finally persuaded to published my Power Wing Beast Offense playbook in 2017.

There are some Coaches calling their playbooks Beast but are not a Yale Single Wing based offense so make sure to read through the information and make sure they run actual Beast Formations. Other Coaches ( Eien & Colande are not included in that group ) have borrowed much of my Beast published plays and formations selling it as their own without sourcing their Beast materials. Make sure to get the Original Power Wing Beast Offense not an copy cat. I’ve Coached 25+ Beast Offense seasons. Many of my base Beast Plays I drew up on Playmaker software back in 1994.

There are also many Beast Offense haters, that think the Beast Formations and Beast Offense is not real football. They say the same thing about the Single Wing and even now the Double Wing and Power I or Wishbone. What most of the Beast haters do not know is what they do not understand about the Beast. You can do so much with the Beast, especially with my multiple Beast Formations / variations.

Plus the Beast is based on serious blocking concepts, which football is all about Blocking and Tackling. Most haters just want to coach their 6 running backs and let the rest of the team just watch. The Beast is a team formation. We celebrate lineman on big Beast plays.

Beast Tight or Beast Formation

I fell in love with the Loud Rowdy Monkey Beast formation back in 1994. I had no idea what it was called. We just ran it and we almost got into the Super Bowl our first season, just missing on a last second extra point play and our top back out the whole second half of the game. So close, but the league did give us a great compliment by giving us the Coaching Staff of the Year Award 1994 in Plano Sports Association. I was honored in my first season of coaching. I was on the shoulders of the Beast.

My Beast Tight or Yale Single Wing formation is an unbalanced formation with 3 blocking backs a little wide than many who run the Tight Beast. My 3 BBs stand behind the last three o-linemen with their hands on the OLM hips. This has been unique to me for many years. I may adjust this alignment as needed. Also many coaches will only run this Beast formation from the Shotgun but I like to run it from Under Center or BUC.

There is one popular coach that calls this formation Tank. This is not Tank but the Beast Tight Formation, Tank is the main off-tackle power play from this formation. Oh well, we all have our own names. I sometimes do the same. I am still working about what to call some of my new Beast Formations like Toro Beast T. LOL! Beware of the Beast!

My three favorite plays from this formation are the Tank play, Wedge and TE Pop Pass Play.

Beast Wide Worm Formation

I came up with the Beast Wide formation so we could gain outside leverage on the Defense, so we could Sweep easier. We were able to Sweep from Beast Tight but the Worm Sweep or Wide Rowdy Sweep Play was money. This is when I started Spread out the Beast Formations and other formations in the future.

From the Worm formation we were able to run Counters, Reverse and Play Action Sweep Option Passes. The wide Beast gave us a new play series to run wider more Spread type plays. This is were Beast Haters have not reviewed and or understood all of the Beast Formations.

You can run the Worm from Shotgun and Under Center. I prefer out of Shotgun if the QB Center exchange allows. My favorite plays our of Beast Wide Worm are the Sweep, Reverse, and Option Pass.

Beast Double Wide Jumbo Trips Spread

The Beast Double Wide formation became our main passing Beast variant. It was also very good for wider Sweep plays. This Beast Double Wide goes by Jumbo, Spread or Trips.

For pass situations we will run this play out of an Beast Jumbo Formation Even set. This is one of my best Beast Formations.

The Beast Spread formation is our main Beast passing formation variant. We can run all the popular Spread passing routes / concepts. I also love our Statue of Liberty TE Reverse play out of Beast Double Wide Trips. This is also a great formation to run a Wedge and also use Super Splits and let your Beast Back pick their open hole.

Who says the Beast is stupid and can’t run modern plays? The Beast Haters have never looked at the Beast Jumbo Trips Spread. I just laugh to the End Zone every time.

Beast Middle Monkey Formation

We only ran a few Beast Loud Rowdy Monkey plays back in 1994 and in 2009. The main plays were a Wedge play, QB Sneak or Quick Dives to A or B Gaps. We found the Beast Tight did just about the same for us as the Monkey formation. We did evolve this formation into a shotgun alignment what we called Space which is the Beast Box Cake or middle FAT formation.

Beast Box Cake / Fat / Space

The Beast Box Cake or Middle Fat formation was our Single Wing formation that mixed with our 2008 Double Wing Speed Spinner formation. For some reason Beast Space became a great passing formation for us for short to medium TE pop pass seams.

The Cake / Fat formation evolved from the “pure” Box as I started spreading out the formation like I did the Yale Single Wing Beast Tight formation. This ND Box type formation has become a main formation in our Power Wing Beast Offense over the last 10 years. Cake is not a key part of my Beast Formations in the PWBO playbook.

Below you can see what the Beast Cake Box evolved into with an 10U game footage.

Beast Cake has become a very important part of the Beast Formations we run in the Power Wing Beast Offense. The adjustable blocking backs is a great concept with this series. The Sweep, Power Dives and Screens are some great play types from this Beast Formation.

Beast BUC Box 2×1 / 1×2

Beast BUC 2×1 and 1×2 Formation were used for one season. We decided that this formation was just as good as Beast Box or Beast Tight. We were mainly doing quick Wedge plays and A / B Gaps Dives and Traps. But in the end I do not use this formation much today.

Free Beast Formations PDF

For a complete FREE Beast Formations pdf check out my updated presentation. Or you can purchase my Power Wing Beast Offense Playbook for Youth Football below and see all my key Beast Offense plays like the Beast Base 8.

Have you messed around with anything like the Beast Formations before? Leave me a comment below.

If you run any of these Beast formations please let me know your favorite and what works for your team. Did I have one or more of the Beast formations that might make your top Beast Yale Single Wing formation list? Please leave me a comment below or contact me anytime.

Remember to Play for Fun and Winning is Funner!
Coach Parker
Fort Worth, Texas

PS: Stay Safe!!