Simple RB Lead Blocking Drill – 3 in 1 RB Drills Pin Ball Pod

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This simple RB Lead Blocking Drill is actually 3 in 1 drills in the RB lead blocking Pin Ball Pod. The Pin Ball Pod teaches running backs how to pick-up Defenders to lead block. This is a running back progression drill pod for running backs and players that need to lead block and or open field block.

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This is a similar football drill that I used as a player in Jr High and High School for running backs and Special Teams. Thank you Coach O’Neal at Strack and Coach Schroeder at KFHS.

Lead Blocking Drill Video

RB Lead Blocking Drill

The running back lead blocking Pin Ball Pod has 3 drills in 1 for the progression from simple to difficult.

The first RB drill in the lead blocking Pin Ball Pod has one lead blocker and three Defenders holding blocking shields. The youth running back will lead block one of the 3 possible Defenders with shields that enters the running lane. The Coach leading the blocking drill will choose the stunting Defender. The Defenders will simulate DLM and LBs filling the hole that the lead blocker must pick up. This first drill can be run walk, quarter, half or full speed depending on experience of the player.

The next lead blocking drill in the pod has 5 Defenders with blocking shields with one lead blocker. This drill in the lead blocking pod is run like the 3 Defender drill. This drill is giving the RB more player type options to pick up and block; D-linemen, Linebackers, and Defensive Backs. The added number of Defenders also adds complexity from different directions and space. This drill can be run walk, quarter, half or full speed depending on experience of the player.

In the final lead blocking drill in the pod, the Defenders do not use blocking shields. This lead blocking drill is run the exact same as the 5 man drill with shields. You can insert a running back if desired. This drill can be run walk, quarter, half or full speed depending on experience of the player. By the time the players get to this drill in the pod, I am usually either quick walk through then live.

There is also a two back blead blocking drill in the lead blocking pod with offensive linemen that split off out of lane or bags in place to obscure vision and lead blockers running through holes picking up one of the 5 defenders entering hole. This football blocking drill can also be run live with a running back.

Drill Process: There are two versions of the drill; single lead blocker and double lead blocker. And there are also several progression pods to introduce the live action. In each of the lead blocking drill stations in the pod, the coach signals one of the numbered Defenders to blitz or stunt the hole and the lead blocker must pick-up the Defender and block him out of the hole/ alley / Zone.

Coaching Points: Make sure the RBs are picking up a Defender and not whiffing the block. Make sure they are using the proper / lead open field blocking technique your team implements. The lead blockers must be quick though the hole but under control to adjust to the Defender’s action. The young running backs must be looking for someone to block not just running through the hole which is usually the case.


In the Running Back Lead Blocking Pod Drills, I am trying to simulate live game situations for the youth RBs in a controlled drill vs half line or scrimmages. Too many times I assume they “just know” but they do not. You get what you coach.

Since we run so much Power Lead type formations this drill is key to our success. Teaching your young running backs to lead block is a base fundamental that everyone should add to their practice plans.

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What are your favorite running back lead blocking youth football drills?  Did my like my RB Lead Blocking Pin Ball Pod drill? Let me know, I would love to hear from you. Contact me anytime. I love to talk coaching youth football and and new drills you might like to share.

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