Tiger T Formation Selected Youth Football T Formation Plays eBook pdf

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The is my new Tiger T Formation Selected Youth Football T Formation Plays eBook pdf. It is 398 pages long and has over 200 T Formation youth football plays / diagrams. There are 15 T Formation play series and I introduce the New Beast T or Beast Toro T series and about 12 Beast Toro plays. Look inside the Tiger T Formation eBook.

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This T Formation eBook is the newest edition to my Selected Youth Football Plays Series. This is a great resource of youth football T Formation plays for any football coach.

Look Inside T Formation eBook
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Studying the T Offense in 2021 and 2022, I learned more about football history, famous coaches and how the T Formation evolved into modern offenses. So much of the modern base offensive football terminology and play actions come from old T Formation coaches like Camp, Stagg, Zuppke, Crisler, Munn, Dodd, Halas, Clark, Leahy, Wilkinson, Nelson, Olivar, Rice and Faurot. It was an interesting research project to write this youth football T-Formation plays eBook. In all honesty this should have been my first Selected Youth Football Plays eBook in the series.

After reading through about 25 football coaching books and other football media on the T Formation, I can now see how I would implement the T Formation in my Power Wing Beast Offense youth football playbook with my new Beast T or Beast Toro formation variations. Youth football T formation plays make a great power running offense and is perfect for youth football.

I am interested in the many non-option T formation variants for youth football offenses, and my Selected Youth Football Plays series. The T is a power run formation and fits nicely into the portfolio of potential plays for any youth football team’s playbook, especially for short yardage situations. I like the quick hitting hole possibilities, the double dive, misdirection and the double lead power plays. These make great youth football T Formation plays.

In this youth football T formation plays ebook I choose a Base 8 play series, Sweet 16 and a Core 24 plays to narrow down the 200 T formation plays. This eBook can easily make a T Formation playbook pdf.

These T Formation plays are a mixture of traditional T Plays, and my version of the T Formation plays tweaked for youth football. I tried to stay as close as I can to the traditional T Formation plays with some adjustments for youth football. I added a few of my own plays too. I do not use traditional T Formation numbering or terms. These youth football t formation plays use my numbering and terms, so they fit into my Selected Youth Football Plays series and Beast / Wildcat Offensive Systems.

Youth Football T Formation Plays / Series

  1. Belly – Inside Belly (FB hits a/b gaps)
  2. Split – T – Wide Splits / Option  (QB down LOS HB Dives)
  3. Veer – Outside Veer (FB hits c/d gaps)
  4. Buck – Buck Sweep  (FB hits opposite a/b gaps of Sweep)
  5. Power – Double Leads
  6. Lead ISO – Lead with a Kick Out
  7. Double Dives – Quick Double Dives
  8. Bear –T – Motion
  9. Fullback Away Series – Fullback Sweeps / Counters
  10. Sweep Option
  11. DQ Counter Series – Counters / Reverses  / TE
  12. Short T – Adjustable 3WB Blocking Back
  13. Sniff-T – Adjustable Alpha Beat Blockers / Sniffer
  14. Play Action Passing – Series–P
  15. Drop Back Passing Series

I also introduce 5 series from the new Beast T or Beast Toro Series along with 15 new Beast Toro plays in the different series.

Do you run youth a T Formation Offense variation of a few T Plays in your youth offense? Is the Off-tackle play your favorite power run play? What youth football offense do you use for your little league football team? Is there an offensive formation you would like me to diagram for another youth football plays ebook in pdf? Let me know.

Please leave me a comment below or contact me anytime. I love talking youth football and the T Formation Offenses and T plays for youth football and of course the Power Wing Beast Offense playbook.

Remember to Play for Fun and Winning is Funner!
Coach Parker
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