Play Calling Youth Football – Call Plays Best Like a Champ #1

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Play Calling Youth Football – How to Call Plays best like a Champ for youth football offenses as an offensive coordinator for a pee wee football team. This is a play calling youth football podcast episode from my Training for New Youth Football Coaches series – Keys To Fun, Success, & Winning. This is an update to my old Coaching Clinic for New Coaches.

One of the youth football coaches who recently bought the Power I Formation Selected Youth Football Plays ebook asked me how do I call plays. He wants to learn all about calling plays youth football, so he can make sure he is prepared as a new Coach calling plays on Offense. He has never called plays before and is a little nervous play calling youth football in a real game. So, we’ll be talking about play calling youth football today.

Are you struggling calling youth football plays too? Does your youth football offensive coordinator need some help? Do you have a youth football play call system? Do you use a play calling sheet? See some play calling youth football strategies that I use to call offense for youth football. The video podcast is below or you can listen to the podcast on your podcast service, see links below.

Calling offensive plays is tough. It is almost an artform for those that are very good at calling plays youth football. You can learn the skill. It takes time to get into a good rhythm to call plays effectively. You must practice calling plays and get used to doing it. It is not something you can just jump into unless you are a natural at it. So make sure you practice during scrimmages just like you would call plays in a game so you are also prepared.

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Play Calling Strategies

There are a few of ways you can call plays for youth football. You can do play calling youth football by a series of 4 to 5 plays to set up the Defense. You can Scout the Defense or find weaknesses during the game and call plays to take advantage of the D’s weaknesses. You can find the open Gaps or Bubbles and run to the Green. You can be a clock management coach and run power to keep high scoring Offenses off the field.

Sometimes you have a smaller Offense but good speed than the Defense, so you want to run Sweeps or Misdirection plays. Or maybe you can pass too. Many football offensive coordinators will script out the first 10 to 20 plays to determine what works against a Defense. Some other coaches who were lucky enough to have the youth football league’s RB Stud just runs there Stud. KISS works too. Don’t over complicate the matter, keep it simple and fun.  Heck, it is just youth football.

  • Play Series
    • Set up Defense with 3 to 5 play series
    • Shifts / Over Pursuits / Pass vs Run
  • Defense Weakness
    • Scout for Weaknesses
    • Player / MPP / LB Does not Fill
    • Formation / Scheme – 335 poor against power run
    • Technique – DE no Contain too tight CB too Deep
    • Defender reactions – use this to find weakness
  • Call Plays to Open Gaps / Green / Bubbles
    • 53 – C Gap wide open, 62WT – B gap Wide Open
  • Power / Clock Management
    • Fast team score quick – keep football away from their Off
    • Maybe small defense easy to run over
  • Sweep / Misdirection / Traps
    • Small Offense vs Big Defense
    • Maybe you have SPEED
  • Script Plays first 2 series
    • Run what Works
    • Give it to your stud
  • Give it to your STUD

Play Calling Youth Football

Stay tuned form more youth football coaching podcasts in by Coach Parker. Check back at often for updates.

How does your play calling in youth football work for your team? Do you struggle calling plays. Play calling in youth football is very hard. It is almost an artform.

Please leave me a comment below or contact me anytime. I love talking youth football and play calling youth football and of course the Power Wing Beast Offense playbook.

Remember to Play for Fun and Winning is Funner!
Coach Parker
Fort Worth, Texas

PS: Stay Safe!!