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youth football terminology

This is part 3 of the Youth Football Terminology 13 New Glossary Words for Pee Wee Football podcast. I have 13 more American football terms to define so we can add to our American football terminology Dictionary. Part One is youth football vocabulary.

Do you have any youth football terms or American Football slang terms maybe from the NFL or NCAA that you would like to see added to mu youth football American Football dictionary / glossary. If so, leave me a comment below with your words.

Youth Football Terminology

  1. Angle Block – Block by Offensive lineman on a Defender aligned inside or outside of him.
  2. A Gap – Gap between Center and Offensive Guard
  3. B Gap – Gap between Offensive Guard and Offensive Tackle
  4. C Gap – Gap Between Offensive Tackle and Tight End
  5. D Gap – Gap Area outside TE or between TE and WB “The DOG”
  6. E Gap – Area outside a Wingback
  7. Backdoor Block – block by an OLM or RB made to backside of the play to cut off backside pursuit.
  8. POA – Point of Attack
  9. Sniffer / Blocking Back – Fullback type blocking back in the Offensive backfield primarily used for blocking. Will align just behind Offensive linemen tight to the line of scrimmage. Great for trapping, power leads and kickout blocks.
  10. Waggle – A type of bootleg roll-out sweep option pass play from the Wing-T Offense. The two guards may also pull.
  11. Wham – Block by Wingback / RB on Interior Lineman
  12. Wingback – Running Back aligned just outside the Offensive Tight End off the line of scrimmage. Usually in a 1×1 or 2×2 yard alignment. Very common in SW, DW, and Wing-T type Offenses.
  13. Second Level – Linebacker level about 3 to 5 yards off LOS behind down defensive linemen.

Did my definitions of this youth football terminology match your definitions and thoughts on them? If they did not, please leave me comment with your definition and the way you use the word in your system.

For more detail on the above youth football terminology words, listen to the video podcast below. Coach Parker goes into more detail about each football term. Plus you can just turn YouTube on in the background and listen to the video podcast. And you can skip around.

Here are the other words from the series so far in Episode 1 and Episode 2; Audible, Beast Offense, Cadence, Chalk Talk, Cloud, Flanker, Sky, Skull Session, Trap Play, Zone Defense, Line of Scrimmage, Safety, Defensive Safety, Interception, Backfield, Quarterback, Running Back, Fullback, Halfback, Tailback

Maybe some future youth football would be; first down, 4th and long, contain man, Cover 1, Cover 4, Pass Defense, Max Pass Protection, Passing Tree, Dive Tackle Play, QB Keeper, Bootleg, Waggle, Keying, Sweep, Blast, Gut and Monster. This is a good list for Episode 4 on American football slang and terms.

Are these American youth football terminology blog posts and podcast videos helpful? I hope they are. Let me know in the comments below along with any football words you would like to see defined with examples of how they are used.

Stay tuned for more youth football terminology podcasts and blog posts as I add to my football glossary vocabulary list. I will define football terminology and phrases to add to my youth football dictionary. I will also try to find quirky American football slang terms too and find out what the mean and how to apply them to coaching youth football. Look for more here and your podcast service.

Please leave me a comment below or contact me anytime. I love talking youth football and youth football terminology and FB words vocabulary and uses.

Remember to Play for Fun and Winning is Funner!
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