Double Wing Formation Plays eBook Selected Youth Football DW Plays 200

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This is the new Double Wing Formation Plays eBook Selected Youth Football Plays by Coach Parker. It is his 5th eBook in the Selected Youth Football Plays series and his 14th eBook including the popular Power Wing Beast Offense and 62 Multi 8 Youth Football Defense. You can find them all at his youth football playbook store.

The Double Wing Formation Plays eBook has over 200 youth football DW plays. The DW eBook reviews 8 different Double Wing offensive formation variations. There are approximately 175 DW run plays and 50 Double Wing pass plays for youth football. For $14.99 it is a great deal on a youth football coaching book. Look inside the eBook.

Some initial reactions from Coaches that bought the pre-release draft; Great Stuff! So Many options! Thanks for doing all the Heavy Lifting Coach! Money well spent! and 400 pages of gold!

Key Features of DW eBook

  • 200 Plus DW Plays
  • 175 Double Wing Run Plays
  • 50 DW Pass Plays
  • Each Play vs Popular Youth Defense
  • Each Play Diagramed on Single Page
  • Base Blocking Call for each Play
  • 8 Different DW Formation Variations
  • DW Shotgun and DW Under Center
  • DTDW and Spread Double Wing
  • Selected Top 8, 16 and 24 Plays
  • Multiple Formation Tags and OL Calls
  • 10 Beast & Wildcat Offense Plays
  • Adobe pdf Format
  • Printable
  • Share with your Coaching Staff (5x)
  • For Immediate Download

Double Wing Formations in eBook

  1. Pop – updated Pop Warner Traditional DW plays for youth football
  2. Speed – Wide WB Double Wing –for Wide Sweeping & Reverses for Youth Football Teams with SPEED
  3. Deuce / DUC – Speed DW Under Center for teams needing to go under center
  4. RAM – my take on the traditional Power Double Tight Double Wing for youth football
  5. Jacks / JAX – Simplified DW / BOX Concepts formation for Youth Football
  6. Spread – (Luke / Ray) – HS Passing Double Wing Formation – Experienced Veteran Select Travel Teams
  7. DAB – Multi Double Wing Sniffer – Adjustable Alpha Blocker – Idea examination on Multi DW plays
  8. Spin Bucks – “Buks” – Updated Spin Buck plays for youth football.

The Speed, Deuce and Jacks Double Wing formations from above are my favorites. I run a ton of Jacks with my Cake/FAT formation from the Power Wing Beast Offense and Wildcat Multi Spread Offense. All of these are great for developing effective Double Wing formation plays.

Double Wing Formation Plays

Here is some actual youth football game video of the Double Wing formation plays in the DW eBook. Youth football team in videos below is a 10U team from 2008 in Denver, Colorado. They were Conference Champs but lost in playoffs to rival just missing Championship game.

Basic Double Wing Plays

  1. FB Wedge
  2. FB Counter
  3. WB Sweep
  4. WB Counter
  5. WB Double Reverse
  6. TE Pop Pass
  7. QB Dive
  8. QB Sneak / Wedge

Below is the main play, WB Sweep, from the Speed / Deuce formation for youth football. Speed is a wide wingback Double Wing formation and Deuce is the name of Speed when the QB is not in shotgun under Center. This is a great play when your Wingbacks are faster than the Defenders. A great base DW play to have in your set of Double Wing formation plays.

The WB Counter play might be my favorite Double Wing misdirection youth football play. Usually the hole is huge and a a big play most of the time if not a touchdown. Set up the Defense with the Sweep and hit them with the WB Counter play. A great base misdirection DW play to have in your set of Double Wing formation plays.

The Wingback Double Reverse out of the Double Wing is a fun play but difficult to master. If you decide to install make sure you get the reps required not to fumble. This double reverse play in the DW when it works is almost always a touchdown. An explosive DW play to have in your set of Double Wing formation plays.

The FB Counter play is a simple and effective misdirection play. Works even better when the QB is in shotgun and it is direct snapped to QB. Below is the FB counter from the Deuce formation. This is a great fullback play for youth football. A simple DW play to have in your set of Double Wing formation plays.

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Stay tuned form more eBooks in the Selected Youth Football by series by Coach Parker. Upcoming youth football formations include: Wing-T / Split Wing, Diamond Formation, T Formation, Off-Set I, Pistol and a few more. Check back at often for updates.

Do you run Double Wing formation plays or interested in DW formation plays for youth football? What youth football offense do you use for your pee wee football team? Is there an offensive formation you would like me to draw up for another youth football plays ebook in pdf? Let me know.

Please leave me a comment below or contact me anytime. I love talking youth football and the Double Wing Formation plays for youth football and of course the Power Wing Beast Offense playbook.

Remember to Play for Fun and Winning is Funner!
Coach Parker
Fort Worth, Texas

PS: Stay Safe!!