Beast Formation | 20 Popular Power Wing Beast Formations or Not So Much

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Beast Formation Diagrams pdf

I finally got around to making a Beast Formation post about 20 formations. Some of these were popular enough for the Power Wing Beast Formations and some Beast Formations were not so popular and did not make the cut for the final published PWBO youth football playbook. I’ve run just about every variation of the Beast Offensive Formations you can think of over the last 25 youth football seasons. Some of them my teams have run very well and others looked great on paper but could not get them to work as pretty as they looked on the field as when I drew them up in MS Power Point.

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Beast Formation Video

Here are some of the Beast Formations I have run in games and tested in practices and scrimmages. Green check means I run a ton of the Beast formation plays in games, Orange not so much, and Red fell off my radar and might test in practice every now and then. You can find Beast Offense game highlights and coaching tips at my Beast Offense YouTube Playlist.

Beast Formation Diagrams

The main Beast Formations in this group are the BUC, Beast, and Worm. These formations usually account for about 50% of my offensive plays; Tank, Wedge, Sweep, Counters, TE Pop Passes and Quick Out Passes. If you are running a non Beast Offense as your main offense, it is very easy to add Beast to your offense as a short yardage power package. I highly recommend Beast Tank Power, Sweep, Wedge, Texas Counter and the TE Pop pass as a 5 play package for any offense at any age.

Beast Formation Drawings

This group of formation drawing diagrams includes some more popular Beast alignments; Jumbo, Pie, Cake, and Trig. In recent seasons, the Pie / Cake formations have been my main power running formations. We won a 12U Super Bowl running Cake formation and the Beast Back calling the hole at the LOS. Incredible victory over a stacked select team that tried to run over our rec league. I use Jumbo a ton as the main Beast pass formation. Dragon is also good for misdirection plays and passing too. Trig Even is a good quick hitting FB blast formation and also good for play action passing and screens to the TB.

Beast Formations Diagram Sheets

The Lone Ranger formation is one of my favorites and a very good pass formation. A 12U Select team coached by an ex Dallas Cowboy shredded my defense about 10 years ago running that formation. I use a ton in 7on7 play. The Bunch formations have evolved into my Squad Gang formations I am developing now. These are turning out to be powerful pass formations. The Wall and Stack formations are ok when they work. I think if I were more of a Trap play coach, these would be very good but I have not rep’ed them as I should most likely.

Power Point Slide Formation Diagrams

The Monkey and Tee formation were from my original Yale Single Wing Offense I ran back in 1994 and 1995 called the Loud Rowdy Monkey for Left, Right, Middle. Jags was a similar formation I played with in 2009. They are ok for me, I like the other PWBO formations above from the my current PWBP book better; BUC, Beast, Worm, Jumbo, Cake / Fat, Pie and Trig.

If you would like a Free pdf file of the Beast / Yale Single Wing / PWBO / ND SW Formations above please contact me from my contact form with Send Coach Parker’s Beast Formations PDF in the subject with your email info so I can email you the file. Thanks, Coach Parker.

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