Top 5 Elite Youth Football Wing T Plays that Win Games Now!

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Best 5 Wing T Plays

These are my Top elite 5 Youth Football Wing T Plays for youth football that win games now. You might have your favorite Wing T Plays but these are my best pee wee football Wing-T plays. I have seen these Wing T plays run against me or by me in little league youth football games and or scrimmages.

I run many wing type formations, but I have never run the Wing T formation more than a few times in a game and or scrimmages. I do like the Wing-T offense concepts since I think they are very similar to the Double Wing which I prefer. It is funny that in practice, if my motion back from the DW is tired I will line up in a Wing T set for him to run the play. You can easily adjust my Speed double wing variation playbook plays from the Power Wing Beast Offense Playbook to run the Wing T and I am sure vice versa.

The Wing T Offense was developed by Coach David Nelson at Delaware. The Offense’s origins are from the Single Wing, T Formation and Double Wing. Many of the plays look very similar allowing for a play series to set up certain plays. The Wing-T Offense gets its name from the Wingback just outside the TE similar to the Single Wing. The Wing-T Offense uses misdirection, power and fakes to achieve success. The Wing T- Offense followers argue the formation is more versatile than the pure Singe Wing since it combines three proven offenses into one.

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#1 Youth Football Wing T Plays – Toss Sweep

The Wing T Toss Sweep is all about hitting the flank or edge. The Wingback can help with the edge blocking on the contain man. We have run this a few times in the traditional Wing T and many times from a Split Wing. The play is very effective against defenses with weak CBs and DEs. I like to run this play widening out the Wingback for a crack motion block down on the contain main or a WR. It is wicked good.

The Toss Sweep is the base play in the Wing-T offense making it #1 in the top youth football Wing T plays.

Wing-T Toss Sweep Play – Scrimmage Video

#2 Youth Football Wing T Plays – WB Counter / Reverse

I love Wingback Counter plays and Reverse plays in youth football. Misdirection kills over aggressive pee wee football defenses. Plus aren’t they just fun to watch. We have run the Wb Counter play from the Wing T, Double Wing, I Wing and Split Wing. Same play different formation with the same concepts and it is a killer play and usually for a big gainer.

I included the Reverse play as part of the Counter play since it essentially the same play. If the DE is crashing then you can run the Reverse vs the Counter play. If you have a shifty wingback with some speed or substitute your top running back for the WB on this play, you might just score a touchdown. That is how the good the play is in youth football games.

These misdirection plays help define the Wing T Offense making them #2 in the top youth football Wing T plays.

#3 Youth Football Wing T Plays – Boot Pass

We have actually practiced this play from the Wing T formation and the Off-Set I formation and it is a great youth football play action pass play. I love the play, since it sets up the QB Boot Pass Option. If you were crazy you could also release the backside TE deep. I have not since our youth QBs can never make that throw but maybe it will occupy the FS. You can also pull the backside guard to help block for the booting QB. Lovely pass play to call in a youth football game.

The Waggle or Boot Pass is the base pass play in the Wing-T offense making it #3 in the top youth football Wing T plays.

Wing-T Boot Pass – Scrimmage Video

#4 Youth Football Wing T Plays – Trap

The Wing T Off-tackle trap play is similar to the Crossbuck Counter that many teams run from the Split backfield. We’ve run the Crossbuck, but I have never run this play from the Wing T formation.

One of our 12u competitors did a few years ago and it was very tough to defend. They had a great pulling lineman that was quick and made this trap block to perfection. Plus their running backs carried out great fakes. And we all know that one good fake is worth two great blocks.

The Trap is one of the the base plays in the Wing-T offense making it #4 in the top youth football Wing T plays.

#5 Youth Football Wing T Plays – FB Wedge

I am very fond of Wedge plays in youth football since many pee wee football teams will hide weaker players in the A Gaps especially at the beginning of each half. The Wing T FB Wedge play is very similar to the DW wedge play. And it works too! The Wing T like the Double Wing formations allows team to give the LBs and DBs a ton of eye candy then hit them up the middle with the wedge play.

The Wing-T Offense is a great edge running offense with misdirection and the ability to hit hard up the middle of the LOS. The Offense was developed from the T Formation, Single Wing and the Double Wing formations. So you have almost the best of all worlds. Like I said earlier, I have never been a die hard Wing-T coach, but have used many of its concepts with our Split back formation. The Wing-T Plays work and are very effective at the youth football level.

What are you favorite youth football Wing T Plays? Leave n comment below or on social media.

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There are a couple of good Wing T Offense books over on Amazon that are very good. These are part of my personal coaching library. I used these in my research too.

Here are a few good Wing-T Offense articles that helped me too….

What is your favorite book on youth football Wing T plays or Wing-T Offense Formation?

Wing T Formation with Wide Wing

If you run any of these Wing T youth football plays please let me know. Did I choose your favorite youth football wing t plays and what works for your team. If not let me know what you run below.

Please leave me a comment below or contact me anytime. I love talking youth football.

Remember to Play for Fun and Winning is Funner!
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