Proven Top 5 I Formation Plays for Youth Football

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These are my proven top 5 I Formation Plays for Youth Football from the past 30 youth football seasons that I coached. All of these proven top 5 I formation plays my teams ran or other little league youth football teams ran against our teams successfully. The I Formation plays are game tested and are proven over many football seasons even at the pro football level, but most importantly they work at the youth football level.

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According to my offensive formation survey, the I Formation Offense is the most used youth football offensive formation. The I Formation is run at every age and skill level of football, from pee wee flag to the NFL professional level. The I Formation is very simple to teach along with the numbering system and has a huge catalog of time tested proven plays in almost every possible situation. The I is a balanced offensive system and easily adjustable to fit almost any need. Most football teams will have an I Formation offensive package.

My Co-Head Coach loves the I formation and we have run the I offense off and on over the last 10 years as a package and or as a Base offense. Here are some of my favorite I formation plays from several of our youth football playbooks over the last 10 years of coaching youth football in DFW. Enjoy.

Top 5 I Formation Plays for Youth Football

These are Coach Parker’s favorite I Formation Plays

Number 1 – Best I Formation Play

The I Formation G-Pull 35 WB Counter play is #6 on my Best Offensive Plays in Youth Football List and #1 on this list of the best Top 5 I formation plays for youth football. I love misdirection counter plays in youth football and this I wing back counter should be a standard play in any I formation offensive play package. When you need a big play, the I Formation WB Counter is always a top 5 I Formation Plays for Youth Football to consider.

I Formation G-Pull 36 WB Counter Play

Number 2 – Top Youth Football I Formation Play

I am a power run offensive minded coach and this play reminds me of a misdirection Single Wing Offense play, I am quite fond of the I Formation Wedge youth football play; Eye 41 Gut Wedge. When this misdirection Wedge play is set up after a Sweep and Pass play, it is a huge gainer, especially on first or second down. This is why it is the Number 2 Top I Formation plays for youth football.

Number 3 – Best I Formation Play in Youth Football

The I Formation Tailback pitch sweep is one of the best plays in youth football. I love to run this play when I have a shifty hard to tackle fast tailback This is the perfect play for that type of running back. Just get them wide and get it blocked. About 6 years ago, this exact play was tearing our Defense up in a Super Bowl, because we had never faced the Crack Back motion block. It took us several plays before we adjusted the DE, CB and Safety to defend this top 5 I formation plays for youth football. Take a look at this crack back pitch sweep play on video.

Number 4 – My Favorite I Formation Pass Play

The I Formation Fake Crack Motion 29 Tailback Pitch Sweep Option play is one of my favorite youth football plays of all time. I absolutely love this play, especially when I have a left handed TB that can throw the football. Youth football Defenses are usually weak on the left side and or the CBs are weak most likely playing run since we set this play up with the Sweep earlier in the game. You can see an example of the play on video at my Coach Parker YouTube Channel.

Number 5 – Simple I Formation Play for Kids

The main reason I like the I Formation Offense is that it is very simple to learn. The I Formation lead isolation dive play is all about simplicity. It can be run from any hole with the bubble; no Defensive lineman in the gap. I personally like the I Left 25 Lead Dive play. If you have a backside guard that can pull then pull them around. I like to Nasty split my play side TE out about 3 to 5 feet to move out the Defensive End / Contain man and hit the hole with my big fullback leading on the isolated linebacker and tough tailback that can run in traffic.

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I hope you enjoyed my best youth football play picks for the proven top 5 I Formation plays for youth football. You can see the top youth football offensive formations here.

I am sure you have your favorites too. If so, leave me a comment below or contact me anytime.

Remember to Play for Fun and Winning is Funner!
Coach Parker
Fort Worth, Texas

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