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In March 2022 I started to update the 8 Man Football Plays eBook with more plays from the Power Wing Beast Offense and a few Spread concept plays from my Wildcat Spread ebook. Over 135 new plays. And the Price is only $9.99.

All this after a 15U coach ask for more sophisticated plays for his older youth football team. He said he won his scrimmages with the Beast Plays but had a good passing QB and wanted more Spread Passing plays. Funny how I started out for a 6U team and now updating for a 15U middle school team. I hope you enjoy the updated version 2 of my Beast Offense 8 Man Football eBook.

This week I received an email about 8 Man Football Plays and my Power Wing Beast Offense Youth Football Playbook to create the best 8 man football playbook. Coach Jay thanked me for all my Youtube videos and asked if my best Beast plays could be tailored to 6u 8 man football playbook. You bet the Beast plays can be tailored to 8 man youth football. The Beast Offense is simple and highly effective. Read on and find out how the Beast can help your 8 man offense become more competitive and win more pee wee football games.

Old First Paragraph

Update 3/29/22 – I just updated the 8 man Offense eBook with about 135 new 8 man football plays. The new plays include Spread, Double Wing, Off-set I, Single Wing, Diamond Formation and more. The new plays are in a working draft stage since I will continue to update through the Off-Season Until Fall 2022.

It looks like many youth football leagues are fielding more 8 man football teams. Since I did not have anything specific for 8 man football at the time, I sent the Coach Jay some info from a high school coach that runs some Beast but the plays were way more complicated than maybe a 6U youth football coach requires. After a few email conversations with the youth football Coach Jay, I decided to put some 8 man Beast Offense football plays together based on my Base 8 Beast Plays and answer a few of his questions in this 8 man football article.

I told Coach Jay that he needed a few general plays like the football plays below and yes the Power Wing Beast Offense plays could be tailored for 6u 8 man football. I think the Beast Offense will make one of the top or best 8 man football playbooks. In his email he already made some correct assumptions on how to adjust the Base 8 Beast plays so he was ready to take on coaching Beast Offense. He had a few questions first….

General 8 Man Football Plays

  • Wedge
  • Blast
  • Off-Tackle – Power Dive
  • Stretch Sweep
  • Wide Sweep
  • Reverse
  • Counter
  • Boot
  • Quick Pass

He said he had some issues last season with the QB and Center getting blown up and if he should go to a shotgun snap since many teams in his league were running shotgun and he had many MPPs on the offensive line. I told him I usually run under center at 6u since a turnover hurts and too many of bad snaps is a big problem. It is so hard to overcome turnovers in a youth football game.

I suggested he improve his offensive line blocking with a JAW or GOD blocking call. His guards must protect “GUARD” the Center. They must take a hard inside step to cut off the A gap defenders trying to penetrate. Knee cap to the crotch. Splits should be zero unless otherwise called in the Beast Offense. Ignoring the base blocking problem probably is not going to improve his team or Center / QB exchange. Blocking and Tackling are the base of any football team. Do those right and your chances of winning increase exponentially.

I told him I have used a shotgun snap for older players and a short shotgun snap similar to single wing teams. I sent him a few of my old 2008 Arvada Pirates 9 / 10u youth football team running the single wing short snap. I like the short shotgun snap or under center for young 7 under youth football players. In the short snap I the snap receiver is 1 to 1.5 yards deep. I also sent him a video on the dead ball snap for shotgun snaps. Many teams are using the dead ball snap now. In a shotgun snap I don’t like my guys more than 5 yards back, usually 3 big steps.

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The Snap is the most important skill in the youth football game. It starts the offense. Unfortunately so many coaches do not perfect this core fundamental. Me included. So many times, Ive assumed this will work out without a ton of practice. It never does. Even with experienced teams, you must perfect the snap. You must be able to get the snap off 99% of the time. Your snaps must be perfect and the A gaps must be blocked 99% of the time. The best 8 man football plays and playbook will never overcome 3 snap turnovers in a game. Rep, Rep, Rep the snap!!!!!!!

Coach Jay read my 8 man football plays emails and watched some more of my Beast and 62 Multi 8 Youth Football Defense Playbook video which prompted more questions about specific player alignments and assignments. Since he was asking some great questions and I’ve been putting off developing an 8 man football plays from the Beast Offense playbook, I took some time today and created a rough draft playbook of Beast Offense 8 Man Football Plays. I sent the rough draft over to Coach Jay hoping this will spark some more 8 man football questions and discussion. I love talking youth football coaching.

8 Man Football Playbook – Beast Offense 8 Man Plays

Here are a few of the 8 man football plays that I am working on to put in my 8 Man Football Plays – Beast Offense Playbook for Youth Football.

Beast Tank – 8 Man Football Play

The Beast Tank play has been my bread and butter play since 1994 in the first season I coached youth football. This is a great off-tackle play. The Beast Offense formation is easily adjusted for 8 man football. Just lose the two tight ends and a blocking back. If your Center can directional short shotgun snap then you might be able to run an overloaded o-line which I call Big. The #3 blocking back will be key in this play to pick up the attacking linebacker. The #2 WB will need to kick out the contain man. If both defenders start crashing the Tank or Tackle hole, you have the Beast back run a stretch sweep to catch them crashing down.

Beast Wild Weasel Wedge – 8 Man Football Offense

The Beast Wedge is a mainstay in my Power Wing Beast Offense. This play is easily adjusted for 8 man offenses. The Wedge play works well against any 8 man defense weak in the middle. On Wedge plays and many other Gut mid-line type offensive plays, I like to switch my guard and tackles so I get the bigger beef next to the Center. This o-line adjustment is extremely effective on the Wedge play. I call the Beast Wedge play either Wild Weasel, Honey Badger or Pink Bunny Rabbit. The youth football players love the crazy names for football plays and remember the funny names easier than professional sounding names.

Beast Counter 8 Man Football Plays

The Crazy Heifer Beast Counter play is a great misdirection play. In 11 man football I usually let the TE run the counter play. In 8 man football, I am assuming the #2 running back will need to run the counter play. I also like to run counter plays with an even offensive line. The Beast back will fake a Tank play and the Counter back will run underneath the Beast back accepting the hand off. The #3 blocking back will block backdoor usually trapping out the contain man.

Almost all the Beast run plays are JAW blocking and the pass plays are GOO, Gap on Outside. You can also run a wider Reverse with this play the #2 running back will accept the hand off behind the Beast back. This should be a fun addition to any 8 man football plays playbook.

Beast Hook’em Horns Pass Play for 8 Man Football Offense

Other than the quick WB or TE Pop Pass or Popeye pass in the Power Wing Beast Offense, I like the Hook;em Horns pass pattern set up with the #2 and #3 blocking backs in the Beast 8 Man Football plays inserted here. This is a great combo pattern route pass play. The outside receiver runs a 7 yard hook in and the inside receiver pretends to block inside then squirts outside about 3 to 5 yards. The Beast back will sweep option outside and look to hit the out route or run the football if everyone is looking at the receivers.

This has been one of our pass combo route standards for many years. We also run the TD1 where the outside man runs a Fly / Seam pattern. I like to run this play either in Beast Wide which I call Worm and the Jumbo formation or Beast Double Wide / Loose.

If you are looking for more advanced 8 man football plays for maybe Select Divisions, High School or Jr High, you should check out the 8 Man Football article by Coach Eric Burt over at

I hope you enjoyed this article on 8 man football plays and the Beast Offense from my Power Wing Beast Offense Youth Football Playbook. The Beast Offense and its variations Worm and jumbo are so simple to implement and perfect for any youth football team, especially 8 and under since the plays are simple.

If you have any questions, comments, edits, additions, please leave a comment below or contact me anytime. I love questions and to talk youth football coaching, do not hesitate to reach out. I usually get back to everyone within a few days if not the same day.

If you are looking for 8 man football plays or offensive playbook, stay tuned. I may post this one for free, or add it to the Power Wing Beast Offense Playbook or sell it for $4.99 eBook. I am still trying to decided. What do you guys think? I am also looking at a quick 8 man defensive playbook in the near future.

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Remember to Play for Fun and Winning is Funer!

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