Hot Pursuit Tackle Drill – Youth Football Drills – Fun Conditioning Drill


The Hot Pursuit Tackle Drill is one of our little league players favorite youth football drills for Defense and end of practice conditioning. Coach Parker has been running this drill at the end of practices this pee wee football season and his players love it. They want to do more reps which is great for having fun while conditioning.

Purpose: Fun youth football conditioning drill to end practice on.

You can incorporate the Bingo Break Youth football drill into this drill for added fun.  The youth football players love to catch the football in this drill.  Adding the pass increases the fun factor in this conditioning drill. It is amazing that by keeping the conditioning drill fun, the players do not notice getting tired from running as they would running 40 yard wind sprints.  Many times while running the drill at the end of practice, the players do not want to stop and go home.

Both of these are my favorite drills right now for my youth football team.  I grew up loving the Bingo Break drill and combined these are just awesome fun.

I hope you and your youth football team enjoy this fun conditioning drill like mine has this season.

Here’s a video of the drill in action….

Remember to Play for Fun and Winning is Funner!

~ Coach Parker