Top Youth Football Defenses; Best Defenses vs Top Pee Wee Football Plays


The top youth football defenses video series is a comment on the 2012 article I wrote on  the Best Offensive Plays in Youth Football.  Over the next month or two I will be reviewing the top youth football plays from the article in a video series and then also reviewing the best defenses to stop those plays.  I am hoping to do one play each week and the defense to stop it.  I will be posting some summaries of the Defensive videos here.

#9 Defending the Crossbuck Counter

In this best youth football defense video, I review how to stop the #9 top youth football play from the article; the Split Wing 36 Crossbuck Counter.  I chose the 62 Wide Tackle as a good base defense to stop this play with a few adjustments into a stack blitz, C gap blitz from the 62 Tight Tackle shift and two other defenses one could choose; the 63 Hybrid and 70 Defense.  I also talk  about the iLBs taking a jab read step for teams with heavy misdirection teams.  Watch the video on defending the Crossbuck for more info.

If you would like more on my 62 Multi 8 Youth Football Defense Playbook please go here.

#10 Defending the Pie 23 / 25 Power Lead Dive

One of my favorite and best youth football defenses is the 70 Defense.  I chose the 70 defense to defend the #10 play in the best youth football play; the Power I 23 /24 Power Lead Dive play.  I also highlight a few other defenses which one could use to defend this top youth football play like the 63 Hybrid, 65 Defense, and Gap 8 Defense.  You can review some of these in this video on my 62 Formations in my 62 Multi 8 Youth football defense playbook.

If you would like more on my 62 Multi 8 Youth Football Defense Playbook please go here.

Stay tuned for more top youth football defenses to stop some of the the best pee wee football plays.

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