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I’ve got another addition to the great pee wee football drills that I thought we would get into today and this drill is the Fox Chase Rabbit to Hole Drill for running backs. This is a great drill to teach youth football running backs to hit the hole without stutter stepping and hit the hole quickly and not try to read the hole for very long otherwise they’re going to get tackled from behind.

In this youth football training drill for running backs, you set up a tackler to tackle the running back ball carrier from behind; The Fox. The RB ball carrier ( The Rabbit ) will run to the offensive hole with the football through a gauntlet drill, half line or full scrimmage trying not to get tackled by the Fox tackler. In this pee wee football drills for rbs I added the cut to the sideline ladder since almost all young running backs want to cut back into the middle and not stay outside and just beat the corner back.

Drill Purpose:

To teach running backs to hit the actual play call hole quick, tough and not stutter step trying to read the hole before hitting the hole and then reading the defensive once 1 to 2 yards after going through the hole called. This is one of the great pee wee football drills for running backs that tries to train young ball carriers how to run tough in traffic.

Drill Set Up:

Set up your favorite running back gauntlet drill or use one similar to above, or you can use half line or full line in a scrimmage situation. Align a chase man tackler ( The Fox ) ready by a coach about 5 to 7 yards behind the ball carrier. A center or coach will snap the football to the ball carrier ( The Rabbit ) will run to play called hole and coach will release the Chaser or Fox to tag or tackle the Ball Carrier from behind.

You can also have a second Fox aligned after the cut to the ladder sideline and chase the Rabbit ball carrier to the Ladder / Sidelines as an extra open field run / tackle fundamental to the drill. But, remember to stay focused on the main purpose of the drill which is to hit the actual play call hole hard and with purpose vs jumping around in the backfield before the hole.

This Pee Wee Football Drills Coaching Points:

• Make sure to describe to your Rabbit RBs how the drill works.
• Run the drill as a walk through tag before going live.
• Fox tackler should be smaller than the ball carrier Rabbit
• Fox should not tackle low but basically grab waist of ball carrier.
• Ball carrier should not slow down or stutter step at hole.
• We like ball carriers to cut once through the hole – 1 to 2 yards past the hole
• Adjust depth and speed of Fox with coach timing the release

For more about the pee wee football drills watch the youth football drill video below.

Fox Chase Rabbit to Hole Running Back Drill

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I hope you enjoyed the Fox Chase Rabbit to Hole Running Back pee wee football drill.  Do you use a drill similar for your running backs.  I would love to hear from you.  Leave a comment below or contact me anytime.

Let me know if you have any favorite pee wee football drills and maybe I will highlight it on my social media channels.

Remember to Play for Fun and Winning is Funner,
Coach Parker
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