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The Pop Pass Drill is one of the top best Youth Football Drill for Passing. It is one of my favorite football drills for younger players to learn how to catch and throw and most importantly work on your QB / Center exchanges.  Not only is the Pop Pass Drill, a great passing drill but it is also a great warm-up drill to start in pre-practice time and continue to open practices when you have players drifting in a little late due to traffic or work schedules. So if you have several late players like we do most practices this is a great drill to open with as players arrive and get their pads on.  Just make sure your QBs are not the late arrivals.  🙂

Pop Pass Drill Youth Football

Pop Pass Youth Football Drill for Passing by Coach Parker

In the Pop Pass Drill two sets of players numbering 6 to 10 with a QB, Center, and Receivers are opposite each and offset about 15 to 10 yards. The receivers run routes toward the other station and switch lines to come back.  See chart above.

This is an excellent drill that works many pee wee football fundamentals. I highly recommend this drill for any little league tackle team.

Pop Pass Drill Fundamentals

  • Warm-Ups
  • QB / Center Exchange
  • Shotgun / Under Center Snaps
  • QB / Centers Rotation
  • Practice HB Option Passes
  • QB Vision over D/O-Line at LOS
  • Route Running
  • Throwing & Catching
  • Conditioning

The Pop Pass Youth Football Drill helps me get in my QB / Center exchange reps that always get put on the back burner. I try to get 25 to 50 routes run by the players in this drill so we can get those reps in for the Center and QB.

For more on this great pee wee football drill please watch the video below.

For a direct link follow – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pk8XylPXP3E

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