Youth Football Drills Video – Squash Tackle Football Drill

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The Squash Tackle Football Drill is another free youth football drill video for the team competition drills. My players love this drill.  Nine players are involved in this drill at one time. It is a great drill to get everyone involved.

squash tackle football drill

Squash Tackle Football Drill Video

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Squash Tackle Football Ball Drill

  • 4 quarters each quarter has 5 plays and then teams rotate
  • Offensive team – 4 runners play on each play
  • Defensive team – 5 tacklers play on each play
  • Team Drill with scoring
    • 7 points for squash ball runner over the goal line
    • 1 point for any runner over goal line
    • 1 point for any tackle inside the hole
    • 3 points for any tackle on the runner with the squash ball inside his hole
    • Zero points for any tackle outside the hole (end of bag) and between the goal line
  • Set up 4 holes for runners to run through with bags or cones and a goal line about 10 yards from the holes
  • Coach hands one of the running backs the squash ball or small ball so the defensive players do not know who is the actual ball carrier (ball should be small emough for runners to hide in hands)
  • All runners run to their assigned holes, break tackles and try to score
  • All defenders must tackle their running back between the bags and the safety must try to stop anyone from scoring especially the squash ball runner.

This is a great drill for experienced tacking teams. Everyone must make a tackle and all of players are involved in the drill; 9 players on every play. You can set up your own scoring tweak the rules as needed. The players really love this team competition drill.

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What are your favorite tackling drills?  Did my like my Squash Ball Tackle youth football drill? Let me know, I would love to hear from you. Contact me anytime. I love to talk coaching youth football and and new drills you might like to share.

Remember, Play for Fun and Winning is Funner!

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