62×8 Stack Defenses for Youth Football that Dominate

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stack defenses in the 62 multi 8 defense

This is Part 5 of my 62 Multi 8 Defense video series on the Stack Defenses that dominate youth football Offenses.

In this 62 Stack Defense clinic video, I review the 33 Stack and Lucy call out of the 33 Stack, Along with the 45 Stack, 21 Stack, 44 Stack and 55 Stack Pirate.  These are great complimentary stack defensive formations for the 62 Wide Tackle Defense.

All of these Stack formations evolved out of LB blitz calls from the Multi 62 defenses that I have been running since 2006.  The Stack defenses are great against weak offensive line teams that do not understand how to block Stack defenses.

62 Stack Defenses Video

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Stack Defenses give youth football offensive linemen trouble. I love to run stack defenses on young teams and Rookie teams with inexperienced linemen. If the Offensive Line does not block down with determination a Stacked Defense will be trouble.

Stack Defenses

  • 33 Stack – Rifle
  • 45 Stack – Colt / Pistol
  • 21 Stack – Blackjack
  • 44 Stack – Magnum
  • 55 Stack – Pirate

In all of these stack defenses the CBs will play deeper than normal and the Free Safety may come up as a Strong Safety type player to read the running back actions.

In the 33 stack defenses the two Linebackers will stack on the Defensive Tackles that are aligned head up on the Offensive Tackles. One of the DGs stacks on the other Defensive Guard now aligned head up on the Center. The coach will either call the direction call or the 3 stackers will tap the down DLM on the hip which tells the DLM which way he will stunt. The LBs will stunt Blitz opposite the DLM.

In the 45 Stack the two inside linebackers will stack on the two Defensive Tackles head up on the OTs.

In the 21 Blackjack Stack the two inside linebackers will stack on the two OGs head up on the OGs.

In the 44 Stack the DE back up into Outside Linebackers and they along with the two inside linebackers stack on the DGs and DTs.

The 55 Stack is an all out Blitz package with the Safety playing Centerfield.

For a simple stack not shown is the Golf Tee Stack. It is where the smaller DG will stack on the bigger DG head up on the Center.

Practice Stacking, Tapping & Blitzing

Like anything you want to execute well, you must practice stacking. I know even I get in a hurry and think these rookie 8 year old football players know what I mean when I say run a stack blitz. LOL

Learning the Stack alignment is not that tough on the youth football players but the actual hip tap then blitz is somewhat confusing to them. The Tap is the direction of the down Defensive lineman to go. The the Stacked LB will go the opposite direction. Reinforce this point, they get confused. Also remind them they stunt or blitz the gap, do not hook up with the head up Offensive lineman. The OLM has poison on them do not let them touch you! Remind the Stacked LBs they are Blitzing not reading and watching the running backs. You will need to practice every practice you run stack defenses.

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