Defensive Football Player Types by Position- 62 Multi 8 Defense


This Defensive Football Player Types video covers my 62 Multi 8 youth football player types by position in my Youth Football Defense. These football player types will work for most teams running a 60 or 62 Defense or any other popular youth football Defense. I review each Defensive position and what I look for in a youth football player to play that position.

This is part 3 of 18 in the 62 Multi 8 Defense Video Series. This is a great Defensive Coaching Clinic on Coaching youth football defenses.

Defensive Football Player Types Video

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62 Wide Tackle Defense Diagram with Players
62 Wide Tackle Defense Diagram

Multi 62 Defense Player Types

The nKob / Ned – Nose Guard

  • Weight / Size – Stocky and Heavy
  • Must be able to Move with Quick Feet and Penetrate
  • Must be able to defeat double teams
  • Could be a two Gap player in a 0 Tech head-up over Center or slanted at center
  • Down player in any Stack

Gunner – A Gapper / Hybrid Linebacker / SS / MPP

  • Lightweight Linebacker / Strong Safety type
  • Must be Very Quick
  • Nose for Football
  • Scrappy with good Penetration skills
  • Weight – Medium
  • Stacker in the 33 Stack
  • Could move to ILB / Monster type player

Dan and Tank – Defensive Tackles

  • Must be able to Penetrate Oline Gaps with Quickness using RIP / Swim Tech
  • Must be able to Bull Rush OTs and TEs too
  • Must be able to beat a double team or lead blocker
  • May be contain force man in certain schemes and or shifts especially no receiver sides of O-line
  • Weight Med Heavy and Tall

Sam and Will – OLB / DE

  • Contain, Contain, Contain – Force Man
  • Disciplined, Obedient, Smart, & Responsible
  • Very Quick Feet and Hands
  • Able to defeat lead blocker
  • Never Crashes but Squeezes Inside Runs
  • Nose for the Football
  • Good Open Field Tacklers
  • May also cover TEs and RBs – Screens / Flats
  • Weight –Medium to Heavy
  • Tall and Long Arms
  • Top 4 tacklers on the team

Mike and Rover – Inside Linebackers

  • Must have the “Football Mean Gene”
  • Must want to hit and be in on every tackle!
  • Nose for football – Football Smart
  • Very quick and medium fast
  • Weight – Medium
  • Mike is stronger and heavier
    • Takes on Lead blockers well
    • Mike calls the defense
  • Adjust d-line as needed to fill gaps
  • Anticipate plays and holes
  • Rover is fast and with great pursuit
  • They want to hit someone on every play
  • Must be a leaders and top tacklers on team

Carl and Bob – Cornerbacks

  • Lightweight OLBs and SSs
  • Very Fast, Quick feet – Carl is Faster / Stronger
  • Must be able to play Zone – Pass Run Read
  • Must be able to play Man to Man coverage
  • Helps with contain and also attack C gaps
  • Great Open Field Tacklers top 6 tacklers
  • Weight – Small to Medium

Fred – Free Safety

  • Lightweight OLB
  • Nose for Football – Football Smart (QB)
  • Knows its 3rd and long and probably passing
  • Disciplined, Obedient, Responsible
  • Must be able to play Man to Man coverage
  • Must be able to play Center Field in Cover 1
  • Good Open Field Tackler – Saves TDs
  • Must be very fast and quick
  • Reads Formations and Pass Patterns
  • Weight – Small to Medium

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