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Practice Plans discussion from my youth football coaching clinic series.

If you fail to plan then you plan to fail.

One of the top characteristics of a good youth football coach is organization. Planning is a key fundamental in being organized. I know as I get older I lean more on my written practice plan. Plus the practice plan communicates to my other youth football coaches what the team will do during practice and what they are responsible for during practice. I will also sometimes post the plan out on team website for the players and parents. This is a great communication tool!

Practice Plans Video Coaching Clinic

Enjoy the video on youth football practice plans.

Practice planning and organization are very important to your team’s success. I highly recommend a written practice plan for each practice. During practices you should work on your weak spots vs what your team is really good at doing. At first, focus on getting your offense installed, this usually takes the longest to do. Defense is easy since most kids want to play Defense. Your practice plans will help you stay focused on the above.

The first two weeks of football practice will make or break your team. You need to find your “football players” and your QB and Center. Do not forget to work on your Center QB / RB snap exchanges in live game type situations. I video tape a ton of our early practices and scrimmages to help me review what is reality vs my bias. The practice plans really help me remember who and what to look at during my next practices. I don’t have to fight my memory with 20 kids yelling at me.

Youth Football Practice Plan Examples

Above are two examples of youth practice plans that I actually used in 2011. They are pretty detailed. I try to send these out about 4 hours before practice to other coaches and maybe the players / parents. If I am busy during the day, I may write out the practice plan in the car before practice. Having a written plan helps me stay focused on what needs to be practiced vs what I think about in the moment. Be a leader and make your practice plans.

Practice plans and an organized practice makes you look like a superstar in front of the parents and your youth football little league admins. Writing up a practice plan is so simple to do and the benefits far outweigh the work it takes to write them up. Use the free practice plan pdf below to help you develop your practice plans.

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