First Practice Youth Football 2014

QB PracticeToday’s is our first youth football practice for 2014.  I am getting very excited.  Since our old team graduated to 7th grade Intermediate school football last season, we dropped back down in the KYA league and picked up a 10U / 3rd grade team. We had an incredible player draft allocation on Saturday getting 7 of our top 10 evaluated players, so we have high hopes for this team.  Hopefully the same magic as our last Sophomore (Falcons) team had going undefeated and winning a Super Bowl.  We will see today if they look as good at practice as they did on paper before the draft.

Today at our first practice we will be doing the following:

  1. Meet and Greet Parents and Players before practice
  2. Playing the Name Game to learn names
  3. Running a 20 yard dash
  4. Passing Pod for QBs and Receivers
  5. Center Snapping Pod for Linemen
  6. Stance and Cadence Pod 
  7. Learn Offensive Formation, Holes and Numbering System
  8. Panthers and Rabbits Chase Game

Hopefully we can find and or confirm our QB, Center, Running Backs and other skill players today and Thursday.  For more on practice plans check out my ebook on Practice Plans.  

Well, I have a few items to go before i am ready for tonight. I need to get my first aid kit and mouthpieces in my coaching backpack and print off the roster, practice plan and contact sheet for the parents to give me updated cell phone numbers and emails.  Since I am only helping coach practices this year as I am taking a short break from Head Coaching, I am trying to relax and enjoy the rest of the day and let the head coach worry about all the other equipment for practice.

Are you ready for practice today?  Did you give your 110% to the team in your preparation?  I know you did!

Good luck this season.  Play for Fun and Winning is Funner!
Coach Parker
Keller, Texas / Fort Worth / Dallas