Youth Football Blocking Schemes – 6 Basic Calls

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What are your youth football blocking schemes and blocking calls. I mainly use around 6 basic calls for my youth offensive lineman. Remember to coach up your offensive lineman. Please do not let them stand around for two hours while they watch your staff coach the skill players. Blocking will help you win more games. Now let’s jump into the youth football coaching tip post; Youth Football Blocking Schemes – 6 Basic Calls.

For the last several seasons I have been playing around with many different youth football blocking schemes rules, and calls to advanced our youth football offensive line blocking.  We are still not perfect and I would always love to get our blocks to the second line of the defense more, but we are succeeding at most of our blocking goals.

For awhile, I taught one blocking scheme or rule to our youth football players which was usually angle blocking.  Then I moved to severe angle blocking and used our full backs as a key trap blocker, then I tried GOD or GOL blocking Gap on Down or Gap on Linebacker blocking rules and that worked pretty good for most plays.  But, I just could not perfect the blocking for each play like I really wanted.  That’s when I started asking myself why do I teach the backs 24 plays and the lineman just one blocking rule.  

After my epiphany about blocking schemes, I decided to have different blocking rules for different plays and also add tags for the TE blocks.  And, this year I am adding tags to our running backs to make certain blocks on their fakes.

Youth Football Blocking Schemes & Calls

The main blocking schemes and blocking rules that I am using this year are:

  1. Wedge
  2. Angle Blocking
  3. GOO – Gap On Outside (pass)
  4. BB Split – Butt to Butt Split at Hole
  5. Zone Reach Angle Block
  6. GOD / GOL – Gap on Down or Gap on LB
  7. PIG – unbalanced Power angle block

Depending upon our play, we will choose one of these blocking calls / blocking scheme based on the defense for that week.  We can also adjust in game for certain situations.  We are also tagging TEs and RBs with a call to block the DT, DE, LB, CB, SS or S depending on the play.  Plus our experiment from a few years ago is also still around, which we call “Chow”.  Our FB will line up head up on their top defensive lineman in our PIG alignment and blow them out with a double team from one of the offensive tackles.  This is a great power youth football blocking scheme.

For younger youth football teams we have added a simplified version of GOD. Trying to get 7 year olds to learn Gap On Down sometimes becomes tough. So, since many times most of the lineman are blocking down why not just have an inside track block call. And JAW blocking was named and we started using JAW blocks quite a bit. I call it JAW since a Crocodile mouth will eat up anyone inside the JAWS of the offensive line. You can hold your arms up and show them how to eat up the defense. This call has helped us with younger players.

As this Spring season progresses I will write more about our blocking schemes.  Stay tuned. Find more on Coaching Offensive Line Youth Football.

Here are two of my favorite offensive line coaching books; 1) Coaching Offensive Linemen Third Edition and 2) Complete Offensive Line.

I hope you enjoyed the coaching youth football tips blog post; Youth Football Blocking Schemes & Calls.

Please leave me a comment below or contact me anytime. I love talking youth football, especially youth football blocking schemes and coaching youth football lineman.

Remember to Play for Fun and Winning is Funner!
Coach Parker
Fort Worth, Texas

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