Double Wing 40 FB Gut Wedge Youth Football Play

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Nothing is as beautiful as simplicity and when the Double Wing 40 FB Gut Wedge is working then life is good on the gridiron.  I know many of you hate the Wedge play because it’s not “real football” but oh how wrong you are.  The Wedge is football history and it works for many youth football teams running the Double Wing and other youth offenses.  Shoot you will even see it sometimes in the NFL on goal line offensive plays. It works and the Wedge play should be in everyone’s youth football play book.  That’s why it is number 2 on my Best Offensive Plays in Youth Football list.

Double Wing Wedge Youth Football Play
Double Wing Wedge

The key to this play is Wedge blocking by the offensive line.  The Wedge blocking technique must be mastered for this play to work.  I usually spend a few practices going through the Wedge Dance steps with my o-line and then they get it.  Yes, I use the word dance because it’s very similar to learning a dance. My steps are below and I am sure you can search Google for other ways to teach the wedge.

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The Wedge Dance

  1. Inside Foot Step Inside
  2. Shuffle Step Other Foot to Square Up
  3. Inside Hand on back shoulder-blade of partner
  4. Lean into Partner Shoulder Pad to Shoulder Pad
  5. Outside Hand Up and on Partner Shoulder Pad
  6. Push Partner Forward and Wedge Chop Step Forward

Once we have the Wedge blocking working for the o-line during walk throughs o-line sessions we introduce the running backs to the Wedge walk throughs.  We usually spend about one hour total practice time at the first of the season learning how to Wedge.  It really pays off when you need a yard or two for a first down or an Extra Point.

Like I stated, the play starts with Wedge blocking by the offensive line.  We usually Wedge on the Center or Guard.  The Full Back will receive the football from the QB and dive into the middle of the Wedge pushing the pile and flowing with the scrum.  The QB and the rest of the running backs will fake the Double Wing Double reverse and then block the edges for DE’s trying to crash down and tackle from behind.  As the scrum slows or overtakes the defense the FB will feel his way to an opening and pops out of the Wedge toward the goal line and score.  The FB should be patient with his eyes up ready to see or feel the Wedge open.  

When the Wedge play is working all is well with your offense.  Because if you can run 5 to 10 yard wedge plays all day long why show your playbook to your future competition, plus the Wedge is very intimidating to other team’s defenses.  It is a punishing play that wears out defenses.  The Wedge is physical football at its best.

I hope you like the Wedge?  Do you run the Wedge?  Would love to hear from you.  Please leave me a comment.

Coach Parker
Keller, Texas / Fort Worth, TX / DFW