I Formation G-Pull 35 WB Counter Football Play

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The I Formation G-Pull 35 WB Counter play is #6 on my Best Offensive Plays in Youth Football List.   I love misdirection counter plays in youth football and this wing back counter should be a standard play in any I formation offensive play package.

I Formation G-Pull 35 WB Counter

You set up this play with the normal I Formation Sweeps, Stretch Sweeps, and Dives all to the right.  We are also looking for a DE that likes to gain depth in the backfield and maybe box.  If you have DE’s that crash this play may not work and you may want to run it deeper in a reverse variation.  I like to run this play about every 4 to 7 plays, especially after a long gain on a sweep or stretch. If you set up this play properly you should gain 5 to 7 yards and maybe even break one for a touchdown.

The I G-Pull 35 Counter starts out like a I 28 TB Sweep to the right.  The WB may want to gain a little depth on his LOS alignment to get a better angle and to let the FB clear.  The WB should be patient but not slow.  He may take a sink step or forward step before making his move to the ball.  We want the defense to bite on the TB and FB fakes.  The Right Guard will execute a standard trap pull playside on the first bad guy across the line which should be the defensive end.  The Right Tackle will fill for the pulling guard and FB picks up DT or DE backside.  The WB will take a jab step and then angle himself so shoulders are lined up with the QB and the five hole.  The WB will receive the inside hand-off from the QB around the 2 hole and follow the pulling guard to daylight inside the DE at the 5 hole and hopefully a TD.   If the DT penetrates the WB may need to turn up quicker.  We do not want the WB to bounce back and lose ground.  Our WBs usually do not have that type of speed.  Take the 2 yard loss not a 10 yard loss by trying to make something out of nothing.  Every play can not be perfect.

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What do you think about the I Formation G-Pull 35 Counter? Do you run something similar?  Would love to hear from you.  Leave me a comment.

Coach Parker
Keller, Texas