Pistol Spread Quarterback Drills and Skills 15 Proven Passing Running

Pistol Spread QB

These are Pistol Spread Quarterback Drills and Skills. Here are 15 Proven Passing and Running Drills. I watched Anthony Pratley’s The Pistol Spread Option Offense: Quarterback Drills and Skills DVD a few weeks ago.  I really enjoyed the DVD Quarterback training video.  We don’t run the Pistol, yet, but the QB drills were reusable for any QB running a spread type offense.

The passing section features drills to warm-up your QB’s throwing arm, improve his pocket footwork, master avoiding the rush, enhance his rollout capabilities, sharpen his route reads and boost his throwing accuracy.

Pistol Spread QB

Pratley takes the viewer through his teaching progression for the run game, including the mesh-and-read of his base option run plays. He also explains and demonstrates his “Give to Live” Option Read Principles for reading the defensive end. Most importantly, your QBs will learn how to protect the ball and keep it off the ground.

  1. Learn over 15 specific QB passing and running drills
  2. Boost throwing accuracy, sharpen route reads and reduce shoulder injuries
  3. Protect the ball and reduce turnovers at the mesh-and-read point
  4. Train your quarterbacks to be better passers and runners in any offensive system

Coach Pratley is one of the key innovators of the Pistol Spread Option Offense and the Offensive Coordinator at Concordia University (Ann Arbor).

Coach Parker
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