KYA Sophomore Falcons Super Bowl Fall 2011
Zane Parker and Dad

Yesterday, the undefeated KYA Sophomore Falcons won the KYA Sophomore Super Bowl, 12-6, against a well coached USC Trojans team.  The game came down to a last second Falcon defensive stand on the 5 yard line when the clock ran out on the Trojans trying to get their last play off.  Both Super Bowl teams are explosive offensive teams, but their defenses dominated the day.

2011 has been a great football year for me winning the Spring Sophomore Super Bowl as the offensive coordinator for the  Oilers (7-3)and yesterday as the defensive coordinator for the undefeated Fall Sophomore Falcons.  (Oilers renamed Falcons for Fall season)  I want to thank all the players, parents, coaches, present and past, and mostly my youth football coaches that taught me the game of football as a youth football player.  I am humbled in my memories of them.

I am also delighted that I could share an amazing experience with one of my sons as his coach but also as a player.  As a 9/10 year old, my youngest son Zane shares the same  memory of an undefeated youth football season Super Bowl Champion because I played on the 1973 YMCA Dad’s Club 9/10 year old Bulldog team that was also undefeated and won the YMCA Super Bowl at Rice Stadium in Houston.

And lastly, thanks to all my blog readers that have helped me in my youth football coaching  journey to become a better youth football coach.

Play for Fun and Winning is Funner.

Coach Parker
Keller, TX  / Fort Worth


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