Game 3 and Standings Fall Youth Football 2011

I am the Asst Head Coach and Defensive Coordinator for Falcons, a KYA Sophomore (9U) Tackle Football team.  We are off to one of the best seasons I’ve had coaching youth football at 3-0.

We have most of our backfield from our Spring Super Bowl team and made some outstanding additions to our team in the Fall 2011 draft.  At KYA you can only freeze up to 6 players from season to season.  We froze four and drafted 12 new players to our team.

We are 3-0.  We are averaging close to 200 yards per game and 35 points.  We are running a Pro I formation with a little Beast thrown in for good measure.  Our defense has not allowed positive yardage.  In three games total offense from opposing teams is a negative 59 yards.  Yes -59 total off yards.  We are running a hybrid 6-2, with many adjustments.  Our special teams is also doing very well with 2 on-side kick recoveries in 3 games.

I hope your season is going great.  Play for Fun and Winning is Funner!

Coach Parker
Keller, TX  / Fort Worth, Texas