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practice plans for youth football pdf ebook free

Back in 2008 I developed a set of practice plans for youth football that I have been using for almost 15 years now. About 10 years ago I packaged the practice plans for youth football into an Adobe pdf ebook to give away for free to my Youth Football Coaching Tips, Plays and Playbooks blog readers. Find the youth football practice plan free pdf link below. Enjoy.
* Update 2/10/21.

The 2011 tackle youth football season is about to start in Keller.  We are two weeks away from our try out grass drills and just under a month before our first practice.  I am ready for some football. How about your.

See the Practice Plan in my Hand

Like they say moving forward without a plan is a plan to fail. This holds true in youth football too. I see too many youth football coaches that do not plan out their practices and wind up just hanging out with their skill players for two hours. Football is blocking and tackling not admiring your offensive scheme skills with your star running backs. Your linemen will will a ton of games for you plus they are bored standing around watching you laugh with the QBs.

After looking through the visitor stats this week, I saw many people reading the article on First Day Practice Plan.  Since so many of you are interested in youth football practice plans, I made a collection of my practice plans from 2008 into a pdf eBook.  The practice plans are a little rough and some dates are missing, but the core details are there for you to review. What do expect for Free?

Practice Plans for Youth Football ebook pdf

Download my free practice plan eBook here
Coach Parker’s  2008 Youth Football Practice Plans

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If you would like more on practice plans head over to my Coaches Clinic video on Practice Plans.

I find a majority of youth football coaches will not practice the difficult skills or issues hindering their team. Most people will do what they enjoy. To be a real Champion you must move out of your comfort zone and make the hard choices. Many years ago, I made the choice to coach the offensive line vs the running backs. I really did not want to make this change since I naively thought the offense was the running backs. Well, when the RBs are tier 1 then you do not need to block in youth football but when you have tier 2 running backs you must learn to coach your offensive linemen to block.

Reviewing your weaknesses at practices and during games will help you organize your next practice plan. Focus on where your team needs work not just cool drills that are fun. When I finally learned this we started winning more games. Put work into your practice plans for youth football team and see the differences the organization makes to your success not only in the win column but with your coaches, players and parents.

Updates 2/10/2021 Practice Plans for Youth Football

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Do you organize your practices similar to my practice plans for youth football? Let me know. Did my practice plan look like yours? If not, let me know what you would like to read next on my at Coaching Youth Football Tips, Plays, Drills and Playbooks blog at

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Remember to Play for Fun and Winning is Funner!
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