Soccer Mom Threatens My Son

My youngest son is playing indoor soccer this summer in Keller, TX to stay in shape and cross-train for Fall youth football.  He has enjoyed playing soccer this Spring and Summer working on his footwork and quickness for Fall football.  Much to my surprise as an old football jock, soccer has been a great cross-training experience for us both.  He has been playing with a recreation team and its been a fun distraction over the last several months and indoor soccer has been a welcome vacation from the Summer heat in Fort Worth, Texas.  But, we are both ready for tackle youth football to start in a few weeks, especially after today’s incident at our indoor soccer game.

Now today’s incident could happen anywhere so I am not mad at soccer, but certainly mad at the soccer mom that threatened to “come on the field and take you (my son) out.”  Yes, my son is an assertive soccer player.  He plays hard and sometimes pushes more than he should.  Today’s referee was certainly aware of the situation and making the appropriate calls to stop the aggressive play.  And I must say, indoor soccer on the rails is rather tough, everyone is vying for position with elbows and arms flowing.  The team we were playing is a local Select club and they are very good.  They are also great actors and fall down just about anytime they are touched.  This skill of faking a penalty must be taught in soccer because even watching professional soccer they seem to be great actors and fake injuries quite a bit to get the call.

So after her son once again faints a fall and gets another call, the mom rushes the indoor soccer rail, points to my son and yells that she’s going to come out and take my son out.  My wife and I were at the other end of the soccer field and did not hear what she said to my son.  But we could see it probably was not good since the referee moved between my son and the mom and immediately asked her to leave.  he then called the league official and opposing coach together and promptly threw the mom out of the indoor soccer facility.  I want to applaud the referee and league officials for doing the right thing.

I also want to thank the parents that heard the mom’s threat to our son and who are filing a complaint to the league and the Select soccer club.  I am also very proud of my son.  He played hard even after the incident and shook the player’s hand after the game.  I told my son that as a good player, people in the stands are always going to yell at you; cheers and boos. Play harder when they boo or say hateful things. Use it to your advantage.  Take that negative energy and turn it into positive energy and play harder.

Parents, if you can’t say anything positive please leave the game.  If you are having a bad day watching as a parent, leave the bleachers and go get a snack and stop watching the game.  Remove yourself from the situation if you cannot control yourself. Otherwise you may find yourself in jail and or fighting a lawsuit.