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I did add the Hex Youth Football Blocking Drills to my daily offensive line practices. It is a great youth football blocking drills that teaches little league offensive lineman to quickly get off out of their stance and attack the defender. The HEX blocking box drill makes my pee wee o-line better at core blocking fundamentals. (Update 8/28/2020)

youth football blocking drills
Hex / Blocking Box Drill

I renamed the drill to The Knight of the Hoochikawdawa and turned it into a competition to become a Knight of Blocking. The youth football players love the goofy name and of course the chance to compete. We usually spend 15 to 20 minutes on the blocking drill. Many of the skill players also want to come and get in on the action. I get very loud and make a big deal about winning the blocking drill and being a Knight of the Round Table at Hoochikawdawa. The linemen love it.

Hex Youth Football Blocking Drills

I just found this HEX Blocking youth football drills on You Tube from Coach Erik Saunders and I like it.  I would probably make HEX a little smaller so the players are closer but I like this a lot.  I will be adding this blocking youth football drill to my practice drills this Spring.

2×2 Hoochikawdawa Drill / Hex Drill

We also call the drill the blocking box drill since we usually just make a box out of blocking pads vs a hexagon. We will start out with 1 vs 1 and also move to 2 bs 2 blockers to add a little traffic into the mix.

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