King Crab Sled into Youth Football

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I just received my King Crab Sled from Gilman Gear. I’ve wanted one for about three years, when I first saw it in American Football Monthly.  My initial reaction is it is going to be great.  It is very compact and light.  My 8 year old and 11 year old brought in the box and once assembled carried it outside.  It breaks down for easy storage and transportation.  I hope to fit the sled in the back of my Expedition with my other football gear.

I will be using the sled for youth offensive and defensive lineman drills in pee wee football.  It looks perfect!

This is from Gilman….The King Crab Sled develops power at the height of a player coming out of a stance. The special elevated handlebar allows a player to drive the sled in a posture that simulates game conditions. An athlete can generate force more efficiently when operating from a power position. Develop strength and power in the three most important joints: knees, ankles and hips. Use it to increase work capacity and pillar strength. Excellent for general physical preparation. The narrow width of the vertical bars allows an athlete to get a “thumbs up” grip. The handlebars are removable. Once removed, the sled can be driven from a lower tandem bar. Start out at a bear crawl level and work a progression to a higher level of 2-point stance and take-offs. Overall height of handlebar is 39.” Overall width is 13.” Dual pull hooks allow harness attachment. All welded chassis. Made entirely of aluminum. Will never rust!

See my first pictures of the King Crab Sled below.

As you can see, the King Crab Sled is very compact.

Assembly is very easy.  Two pins and lock in place.  About the size of a 50″ TV.

It’s very light weight.  My two boys carried it outside without tearing up the walls.

Zane 8 years old and Bear 11 years old.  They love it!

Both Bear and Zane love the King Crab Sled.  They think it is Fun.  We did buy 110 lbs of Olympic sized weights to use with the sled.  We found some cheap weights at Walmart.  You can probably find some cheaper at garage sales, but we wanted to use that day to test out.  We had another coach and his son over for Easter Sunday, and they also loved the King Crab Sled.  I am hauling the sled to practice in the next few days, so stay tuned for more King Crab from Gilman Gear.