Spring Football is Here in Keller

Yesterday, Keller Youth Assoc football held their grass drills for Spring Football.  Since Arvada / Denver did not offer Spring tackle football, this will be my first Spring tackle football season coaching.  I am looking forward to it.  I am coaching with Coach Z, as his offensive coordinator, for the KYA Bantam Jaquars.  This should be fun.

We are both like the Double Wing and Single Wing offenses and read all things football.  We saw some pretty good players in the grass drills yesterday, so it should be an interesting draft next week.  Since we are also the Select coaches in the Fall, we are drafting young players to play on our Select team, while many coaches for the Spring will draft older players.  Can we coach the young players to compete with the older teams.  We will see.  I think so.

The KYA Bantam Titans are the returning power house team with 7 returning players, the maximum number, for the Spring.  Beating the Titans will be one of our goals.

And of course, we want to play for fun, but winning is always funner!