Youth Football Blocking Tips – 10 for Youth Football Offensive Lineman

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The Youth Football Blocking Tips 10 for Youth Football Offensive Lineman is an older youth football coaching blof post when I first starting writing Coaching Youth Football Tips, Talk, Plays and Playbook blog at (Updates 8/27/2020)

I cannot stress the importance of coaching youth football offensive lineman to block. Too many youth football coaches focus on the skill position players. Youth football coaches will when more games if they focus their efforts on teaching youth football players how to block and all the blocking fundamentals. This blog post gives a few o-line coaching tips and I have added some more o-line youth football blocking tips blog posts below for you to continue learn more about coaching the offensive line.

My son is making the transition from QB to tight end this season, so he and I have been focused on blocking fundamentals.  He was my best blocking back last year when we ran the Single Wing offense, so he’s a hitter.  The offensive line and especially the tight end position blocking assignments are new to him. 

Last night I re-watched the COOL clinic video of the Ohio State offensive line coach’s chalk talk presentation, Dave Cisar’s video Dominating Offensive Line Play and Championship Productions Becoming a Champion Offenive Lineman by Ed Thomas.  I also did a little lite reading of Reed’s, Coaching Youth Football book. These youth football blocking tips helped me and hopefully will help you too.

10 COOL Youth Football Blocking Tips

In no particular order, below are few points that stick with me:

  1. Your body will follow your eyes.  Keep your head up!   Head down and you will go to the ground.
  2. Keep your feet wide and drive.  Do not hit and then stop your feet.
  3. Be quick off the ball.  Do not set back on your heels.
  4. Use your hands.  The use of hands might be the most important skill in blocking.
  5. Eye a specific target, elbow, inside numbers, legs.
  6. Keep your hips low so you can load your hips and drive. 
  7. Engage with your hands on their inside shoulder pads, biceps.  Stay engaged or on their butt!
  8. Keep your balance stay in control.
  9. Stay wide in the hole.  Short choppy steps.
  10. Remember the snap count.  This might be the most important skill!

If you have some other blocking points for youth football players, post them below in the comments. I would love to hear from you.  

If you are looking for some youth football blocking drills then you should check out my blog post on Everyday Drills from the OLM One Pager. In this blog post video we review our youth football blocking schemes and youth football blocking techniques. We do offensive line blocking steps and techniques in the O-line practice plan.

Buy the OLM Practice Plan 90 min – The One Pager – $1.99

The OLM practice plan is a one page offensive line blocking practice plan pdf that details a 90 minute weekly plan for coaching offensive line youth football.

Here is a great post from my Youth Football Coaching Clinic video series on Blocking in Youth Football that includes a two of my videos on blocking techniques.

And here’s one more blog post, Coaching Offensive Line Youth Football that has multiple videos and a video on GOD Blocking.

I played offensive line in pee wee football so I know how boring it can be for many youth football players. Please youth football coaches, do not force your little league offensive lineman stand around all practice while you run offensive plays. Find them a coach and coach them up. Remember football is just blocking and tackling.

I hope you enjoyed the blog post, Youth Football Blocking Tips – 10 for Youth Football Offensive Lineman.

Please leave me a comment below or contact me anytime. I love talking youth football.

Remember to Play for Fun and Winning is Funner!
Coach Parker
Fort Worth, Texas

PS: Stay Safe!!