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Its been awhile since my last post.  In June, My wife accepted a job in Ft Worth TX as a Tax CPA, so we have been packing and moving from Denver to Ft Worth the last two months.  We now live in Keller, Texas just north of Ft Worth, and my sons play football for the Keller Youth Association on the Select teams.  Unfortunately for me, their football teams already had coaches for the 2009 season, so I am sidelined this football season.  To be honest its been difficult the last 4 weeks watching from the sidelines.  I am not sure I make a good sports parent, I still want to coach, and have trouble not commenting to the coaches on this or that with practice. 

Although I am not coaching this football season, I would love to help any coaches in the Keller area, especially if you are trying to learn the Spin offense.  Or if your son needs a little extra football work, contact me for information.  I might consider assisting with his training.  My sons are 8 and 11. 

I think not coaching  this year will enlighten my perspective as a coach since I must act like a responsible parent.  Now that sounds hard!  Wish me luck.  If any other coaches have been benched for a year watching from the sidelines, please comment and let me know how you got through the season. 

Remember to play for Fun and Winning is Funner. 

Coach Parker