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I just found this great presentation on Outisde Zone Blocking for youth football teams that I wanted to share before I forgot.


I have just read through it quickly but looks great for SPIN Sweeps. 


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  1. Good stuff coach! I am toying with throwing in some zone plays for the spring season. I think we could have some success with a very basic, simple zone scheme. I toyed around with some zone drills in the fall and was amazed at how well 7 & 8 year olds could combo block. Some of the kids really caught onto scraping and getting to the second level.

  2. I am really interested to hear from any other youth coaches on success stories or tips to outside or inside zone blocking. I looked over the article (PDF) from above a really found it interesting. I am coaching an 11 yr. old team this year and want to zone block. Please help out if you have anything.

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