Dead Ball Snap or West Virginia Snap

I read a few weeks ago on the Spin Channel about an end over end shotgun snap.  Brad Scott from the Spin Channel calls it the West Virginia snapping technique.  And, in Jan 2009 AFM issue Schutt Football is running an advertisement editorial called, The Little Things, and Bill Powers, Head Coach, Jupiter High School in Florida calls it a Dead Ball Snap.  Since we run the Spin and shotgun, I decided to find out more about this new snapping technique.  Well, its new to me. 🙂

Powers says from the article that the Dead Ball Snap is much easier for kids to learn than the traditional shotgun snap, more consistent snaps, laces line up better for QB and if there is a bad snap it does not travel as far.  

Here’s the Brad Scott post from the Spin Channel; “Basically, the center puts his middle finger down the seam of the ball and palms the nose. This will raise the ball up onto the opposite point. Then, while keeping his wrist in a fixed, locked position, he just snaps his hand right up to his crotch. The ball comes out in tumbling manner as opposed to a spiral. Softer snaps for dive and our Qb has an easier time catching it. Our snaps have been much more consistent since adopting this technique. Hope that helps.”

Here’s a video of the Dead Ball Snapping technique. 

Let me know what you think.  Is your team using the Dead Ball Snap?  What do you call it?   Post a reply and let us know if the snap is working for your team or any issues you are having with the snap. 

Play for Fun and Winning is Funner!