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I love coaching youth football and other youth sports.  It amazes me the spectrum of coaches.  I guess I should not be surprised since the majority of us are parent volunteers.  And some of the unlucky few, defaulted into the coaching spot because the assigned coach got busy with work or resigned for some other reason. 

If you are going to coach a team, you must be committed and responsible.  The team is counting on you.  The basketball team I help coach played a team this past weekend and the coach did not show up for the game.  A parent at the last minute had to step in to coach.  Hopefully the head coach did not have a fatal accident or some other major issue, but I comment on this because this is not the first game I have attended where the head coach did not show for a game. 

I feel like coaching youth sports is a privilege and the players and parents look to you as the leader of the team.  If you decide not to coach once the season has started, you are letting down 20+ individuals. 

Also, if you are going to coach.  Please read a book or two or even ten on how to coach and coach your sport.  If you hate to read buy a few coaching  DVDs.  Coaching youth sports is not like playing high school or college ball nor is it like coaching high school players.  A HS coach in our area tried assistant coaching a few years back and he said it was nothing like coaching high school football. 

If you are thinking about coaching a youth sport.  Ask other coaches about the time and effort it takes to coach a team.  Don’t just jump in and think, oh they are just kids this should be easy.  Coaching youth sports is much harder than coaching High School players. 

Contact me anytime if you are considering coaching and I will point you to some great resources.  Or just read through the blog for links and resources for coaching youth football.

Play for fun and winning is funner.