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Over the last 4 weeks, I ordered some new football coaching videos and received a few DVDs to review on  I’ve been  busy watching football videos this week.  Its been a belated Christmas. 

As many of you know, I am a big Spin offense guy.  Two years ago, I ordered the main DVDs from American Football Monthly by Dale Weiner.  Two years ago, we implemented the SPIN tight formation as a 4th grade team and had a great year.  We ran the SPIN tight again in 2008 with excellent results even with all the scouting on our team’s offense.  Since we had success passing the ball in 2008, we want to expand our passing game in 2009.  So I ordered some of the newer SPIN passing videos.

Out of the six new SPIN videos I ordered in January 2009, three are must haves for any SPIN team:

  1. Using Multiple Formations – Dale Weiner
  2. No Back Passing Game – Brad Scott
  3. Game Breaking Plays – Barry Gibson

The Multiple Formation video was a real eye opener.  I had not thought to run all these formations.  The No Back Passing Game really opens up the passing game for the SPIN and I love the Flee Flicker play in the Game Breaking Play video.  I am looking forward to implementing some of these SPIN plays along with some Air Raid passing plays out of the SPIN.

I just received the COOL society’s offensive line clinic DVDs.  I watched a Zone blocking presentation by Green Bay’s Joe Philbin that was excellent. 

Stay tuned as more to come on the Air Raid and COOL Offensive Line Coaching DVDs. 

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