Our football season ended one game too early.  We lost in the semi final playoffs to our rival, Highlands Ranch Mustangs, which eventually won our league’s Super Bowl, the Carnation Bowl.  Overall we had a great season, #1 offense and #3 defense in our Division, and Conference Champs with a 7-1 regular season record.  We also had significant improvements in our offensive line and passing game.  I am very proud of the young men of the Arvada Pirates.

On offense we ran a combination of the Spin offense and the Single Wing.  This combo of Spread and Power worked well for us.  On defense we ran a 6-2 defense with 20+ stunt blitz calls which kept the offenses wondering what exactly we were doing.  The boys loved the stunts and I was amazed they learned all the calls and when to call certain packages.  We still need to improve on Special Teams especially our kick return blocking. 

I hope everyone had a great season.  I am bummed because Dallas and Denver did not make the NFL playoffs.  My football season is officially over.  😦  I am happy to see Miami in the hunt, so maybe I will stay tuned.  Since the season is over and I have some more free time, I will be writing more on the blog as I analyze last year’s season and consider implementing new variations to our youth football play. 

As a 6th grade team next season, we move to the 100 yard field and passing becomes a much much important part of the game.   I will be evaluating the 5-2 defense and 6-1 defenses this year along with variations of the Spread offense.  We have a pretty good passing QB and want to open up the field.  Plus, we have run the Spin for two years and want to throw something new at our opponents.  We might be able to use the Spin in a Spread format and add new wrinkles.  Stay tuned as I evaluate possible new offenses. 

Coach Parker

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