Heel Pain in Youth Football Players

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Several of my players this year are experiencing heel pain, under the ankle and on this sides of the ankle.  Most of my 5th grade football players are turning 10 and this is the age for a very common problem with inflammation of the heel for youth players 10 to 14.  Soccer players have been dealing with this issue for many years.  It seems that cleats are the cause of the problem.

My son’s heel pain started over the summer and I read all I could on the subject before our Doctors appointment.  This is a great article on the subject http://onthepitch.org/2008/09/24/heel-pain-in-youth-soccer-players/.

We bought Tulis Gel Heel Cups and this solved his problem in about 4 weeks.  My son wears the heel cups in his everyday shoes and his cleats.

Please consult your doctor for any type of injury.

Good luck this season.  Play for Fun and Winning is Funner