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Here’s my practice plan for my first day of youth football practice.

Check out the updated article and free ebook of practice plans..

Due to league rules our first 6 practices are non-contact no pads practices.  Out players can wear their helmets to get used to the weight of the helmet and fit it properly before the hitting starts.  A quick note on helmets, tell your players to wear their helmet about 5 to 10 minutes a night before practices start.  I also ask the my players to start doing push ups, set ups and squats while watching television.  I ask them to do 5 of each every commercial break until they reach 50 each for the night.  Most of my players are also doing speed camps or running track before the season starts.

  • Two Lines – Coaches talk – Season Goals and Expectations (10 Minutes)
  • Name Game – Learn everyones name (10 Minutes)
  • Dynamic Warm ups (10 Minutes)
  • Stations 1) 10 / 20 yard Dash Time 2)  Off. Learn Holes & Formations 3)  Stance (30 min)
  • Stations 1) PAT, Holding, Long Snap 2)  Punt, Kick Off  3)  Defensive Formations (30 min) Update: QB and Center Snap Exchanges
  • Tug of War – Towel Game (15 minutes)
  • Shark Tag Game (10 minutes)
  • Coaches Talk ( 5 minutes)

Since I want to find my punter, kicker and PAT kicker early, my first parctice is geared toward finding my kickers.  Our practices are two hours.  We let them get water any time during practice, this way we do not need a formal water break.

Update 7/26/16 – At the time of this article was written I was coaching in a youth football league and the PAT kick was worth 2 points so I was really focused on finding a PAT kicker for the extra advantage in Special Teams.  Now I recommend you find a Center and QB pretty quick during your first few practices and get them snapping immediately!

Update:  Get my free practice plan ebook from my 2008 youth football season.

Play for Fun and Winning is Funner!
Coach Parker

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