I received my July 2008 issue of American Football Monthly magazine this week.  My last post highlighted my favorite article from that issue.  Here is a list of July’s articles:

  • Auburn’s Pass Rush for Defensive Tackles
  • 10 Mistakes You’re Bound to Make at Pre-Season Practices
  • Take What They Give You: The Veer Offense in Simplest Form
  • Developing a Dominating Run Blocking Technique
  • Matching Leverage with Leverage Against the Spread Offense
  • Three Plays for the Spread Offense
  • South Florida’s Zone Blitz Package
  • Offensive Line Drills For the Inside Zone
  • Pigskin Preview – Best NFHS approved footballs (I use the  Wilson GST Youth football)

Next month in American Football Monthly will include an article How to Read the Minds of Offensive Coordinators which should be very interesting.  If you are a football coach at any level, you should subscribe to American Football Monthly

Have a great season.  Play for Fun and Winning is Funner!

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