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I found these QB drills on YouTube in 2007 and have been using them with my youth football quarterbacks. They are from the Nike Gridiron football drill series. I really like the opposite hip throw drill, the last drill on the video. This drill is great for teaching young players that the ball is really thrown with the legs and hips and not the arm.  Enjoy the QB Drills.

Nike QB Drills Video

Sonny Detmer QB Warm-Up Video

Here are more QB Drills for youth football.

I own the Throw the Right Way Detmer DVD / Download. It is excellent.

I know each pre-practice and practice I try to get our youth football quarterbacks to warm-up, throw and take snaps under center and in shotgun. The basic fundamental quarterback drills are essential to building their core skills for the future.

What do you think of the Nike & Detmer QB Drills? I have used many of these quarterback drills since 2007 when I first saw the videos.

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