I just received the May 2008 issue of American Football Monthly.  Now that I am married and pushing 50, its like getting the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue every month.  Well, maybe not.  🙂

Mike Kuchar’sarticle on Developing Deception with the Spread Option is also a very good article.  I run a Toss / Spin offense variation and this article had some gems for me to use in my 5th grade offense.  I liked his Counter Option play, especially the motion used and the Counter ISO play.  I tried to run this play last year, but I kept trying to go wide to the D gap, and not to the C gap.  I drew this up two weeks ago when I was updating my playbook, so I am very happy he has used it with success.  

And lastly, I enjoyed another Spin Offense update by Dale Weiner, Spin Offense Passing Game Adjustments.  We had a tough time last year as a 4th grade team passing.  I think we completed about 5% of our passes. The prior season as a 3rd grade team, we averaged almost 3 out of 5 receptions a game and scored on many.   So we were pretty disappointedwith our passing game last season.  This season we want to pass out of the Spin formation and use Screens, Short Quick one step drop passes by QB and and a Half back option pass on a Fly route.  I think all of these come down to good Pass blocking, deception and good quick drop steps by our QB. 

There’s also a discounted subscription offer for AFM subscribers from GridIron Strategies and a complimentary copy of thier April /May 2008 issue.  The issue is only about 20 pages but its all meat except for the two page AFM video ad spread.  I think the “What Ifs” sections of the articles adds a great quasi interaction by the reader to the static magazine page.  So you really get some good info.  I would recommend 4 of the 9 articles, and enjoyed the rest.  So, I’ll probably subscribe for the 6 issues at $26. 

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