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Using Video in Youth Football Coaching

Dan and Tank Chalk Talk Update

This year I finally took our game, highlight,  scout, scrimmage, practice videos to the web to use it real time as a coaching tool.  For the last several years, we sent clips around via DVDs or loaded a clip here and there on Flickr or YouTube.  But this year, I am filming practices along with games / scrimmages and I also developed a series of chalk talk videos based on our defensive play book.  The folks over at Hudl are also letting me demo their online video coaching software.

The parents love all the videos.  They can see first hand what their child is doing in the drills and during the games.  It makes it easy for us as we determine the starters.  The parents also like the Chalk Talk videos because they can also learn the defense and they feel more involved.  Everyone on the team can see the videos.  We have a private video account and also our new Hudl acount which is also private to the team.  We are still using both video methods of sharing the videos as we become more familiar with Hudl.  The coaching staff’s initial impressions of Hudl is its FANTASTIC.

I am using three different cameras to shoot the video.  I have a small RCA Small Wonder Traveler EZ210, Canon PowerShot A560 Camera and recently purchased a JVC GZ-HD620 120 GB High Definition HDD Camcorder.  I use the RCA for close quarters filming, the Canon shot the Chalk Talk above and I just started doing some HD video this past week and its pretty amazing.  I am just a little worried I am going to drop the $500 camera.

Stay tuned as I use Hudl through out the season.  It’s pretty amazing!

Play for Fun and Winning is Funner.

Coach Parker
Keller, TX

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Portable Blocking Sled – King Crab By Gilman Gear

We introduced the Gilman Gear’s King Crab Sled at our 7-9 year old practice this week and the response was great.  The kids loved the new piece of equipment to use and the challenge to push it around the field.  I let another coach use the King Crab Sled at our Tuesday practice and he thought the sled not only helped build lower body strength, but the King Crab Sled made the player stay low, because if you got to high the sled would dig into the ground.  All 4 coaches that used the sled this week, including myself, loved its performance with our youth football players.

What I love most of all about Gilman Gear’s King Crab Sled, is the portability.  That’s the main reason I bought it.  I drive a Ford Expedition and the sled fit easily into the back.  It even made the other gear and bags thrown in the back more organized.  Take a look at the pics:

Gilman Gear King Crab Sled Gilman Gear King Crab Sled Gilman Gear King Crab Sled

As you can see, its fits perfectly into the back of an Expedition.

Gilman Gear King Crab Sled Gilman Gear King Crab Sled Gilman Gear King Crab Sled

So, I was able to stuff 3 round bags, 3 square hand helds, 1 half round, football bag and the King Crab Sled in the back of my Ford Expedition.  I could have found room for one more round bag.

If you are looking for a portable sled because you can’t leave a traditional blocking sled at your practice field, the Gilman Gear King Crab Sled works great.  Stay tuned next week, for some pics of the King Crab Sled in use.

Play for Fun and Winning is Funner.

Coach Parker
Keller, Texas


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